Major Success for Paws South Florida Rescue

Major Success for Paws South Florida Rescue

FoundationIt gives us immense pleasure to bring you more good news from the Dr. Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation. This first-of-2013 post sings the praises of one of our 2012 recipients, the Ft. Lauderdale-based Paws South Florida Rescue. This dedicated animal-welfare group has made significant inroads towards ending the cycle of feline overpopulation in their local South Florida area.

Devoted to working with feral cat communities, PSFR is composed of a tight-knit group of volunteers who care for felines who live in the shadows. Their efforts go towards the feeding and maintainence of these wild cat groups. PSFR is committed to seeing that all of these forgotten felines are up-to-date on their vaccinations, as well as tested and treated for illness or injury.

These aid providers are skilled in TNR, a method where felines are trapped without injury, neutered or spayed, and then released so that they may return to their feral group. With the assistance of veterinarians affiliated with PSFR, feral cat communities are closely monitored and carefully managed according to guidelines established by Alley Cat Allies, a popular feline advocacy organization. Any adults and kittens determined to be good candidates for adoption live with one of PSFR’s fosterers until matched with a perfect forever home. PSFR believes this foster-care strategy offers real advantages to the adoptable feral cats. Rescued felines learn to live in homes, where they are allowed to roam freely and socialize with people every day.

For obvious reasons, our Board of Directors supported the grant application for PSFR. But, one thing really stands out about this organization … their willingness to take the long view. So much of what rescues do is necessarily reactionary, dealing with crisis after crisis. Often when small groups like this one take on a big problem – like, say, pet overpopulation – it’s more than they can handle. That’s why PSFR’s success has made such an impression upon us.

Last March, we blogged about PSFR’s achievements relative to our 2011 grant. The funds we provided played a big role in helping them to trap, sterilize and release 116 feral felines, as well as the rescue and adoption of 15 adorable kittens. Well, PSFR did not rest on their laurels in 2012. With our latest grant, they were able to exceed all of the previous year’s triumphs, and continue their program to spay/neuter feral cats in some of Broward County’s trailer park districts. In 2012, 148 cats were safely transported to a veterinary clinic for sterilization procedures, then returned to their colonies after they’d fully recovered. Additionally, volunteers were able to rescue 43 adoptable kittens. To top off all of those accomplishments, they successfully placed 35 kitties in good homes.

Four of the kittens whose lives were saved by PSFR’s volunteers include Alexis, Anthony, Cassius and Punkin, all of whom are now living with their new forever families.


Their work with feral felines in Broward County’s trailer parks has been the primary project for this group for the past two years. According to PSFR President Deborah Gagnon, “we are happy to report that we consider this project now to be completed as almost every cat has been accounted for and sterilized”. Congratulations on this momentous occasion!

Since 2007, the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation has made tremendous strides in providing funding to animal rescue groups all over America. In just a few short years, we’ve awarded nearly $127,000 to small-to-medium-size rescues. Our non-profit wing could not have achieved so much without the continued patronage of our customers and individual donors. Every purchase triggers an automatic contribution to the Foundation’s financial pool. As we’ve seen, all of those small donations add up in a hurry. Furthermore, we have one of the highest direct-to-action percentages among non-profit agencies … a whopping 95% or more of the funds goes directly to the organizations who need them the most.

Most especially, we are deeply appreciative of our readers, individual donors and customers, all of whom play vital roles in making our foundation a viable agent for positive change. Your kindness and commitment to pet health has made a real and definable impact, assisting volunteer groups just like Paws South Florida Rescue in their steadfast efforts to make the world a better place for abused and neglected felines.

If you or someone you know works with an animal rescue organization that’s worthy of special recognition and some extra financial support, we are still actively seeking grant applications for 2013. With your help, we’re ready to fund more dreams and make other life-saving stories possible.

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  • cindy rogers

    1/25/2013 3:22:53 PM |

    Email from:  Cat Reese
    [email protected]
    Maine Coon Rescue in Simms, TX.  

    We are currently out of funds and desperately need your help in supporting our organization.  We currently have 47 cats in foster care and most fosters are paying for the vetting since we are so short of funds.  Any donation will allow us to save and vet more cats.  Please help and share with your contacts!

  • Luba

    1/26/2013 12:36:54 AM |

    I single-handed do all above and take cats off the streets in my cat sanctuary 'Zenka', Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Tony Porcaro

    1/27/2013 4:54:34 PM |

    Congratulations to PSFR for their life-saving work with feral cats and to the HealthyPetNet Foundation for helping that very worthy cause....from Welland Feral Cat Rescue in Welland, Ontario, Canada!

  • Tony Porcaro

    1/27/2013 5:04:31 PM |

    Congratulations to PSFR for their life-saving work and to the HealthyPetNet Foundation for helping to make a difference....from Welland Feral Cat Rescue.

  • Nata

    1/29/2013 4:16:12 AM |

    To Luba in Belgrad, Serbia: "I single-handed do all above and take cats off the streets in my cat sanctuary 'Zenka', Belgrade, Serbia."

    Luba, please try to contact Let's Adapt at this emails - [email protected], [email protected]. They are rescue company and located globally with officers, board members, and volunteers throughout the world. I hope it will help you. Please do not give up. Kitties need your help.


  • Alma Rice

    1/29/2013 7:17:04 AM |

    It's nice to know that someone cares about saving lives of cats. Congratulations to HPNF.

  • Mary Popp

    2/2/2013 10:30:59 AM |

    I would like to strongly recommend a rescue in Minnesota that has, for many years, been catching, healing, releasing, finding homes for, and anything else necessary for ferrel cats.  The name is St. Francis of Assissi Animal Rescue PO Box 256. forest Lake, MN. 55025
    I have personally known and worked with one of the men who works with this rescue.  His love for, and devotion to cats is simply astounding.  Please help them continue their work.  
    Thank You

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