The Real Scoop on Canned Dog Food: Pros & Cons

The Real Scoop on Canned Dog Food: Pros & Cons

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The tantalizing aroma and taste of canned dog food will keep every pup coming back for more.

Everyone remembers that classic scene from 'Lady and the Tramp' – the star-crossed lovers, a moonlit night, and a can of wet dog food. Wait, that’s not right. While that may not be the spaghetti and meatballs you remember, in your dog’s world, canned food is just as epic!

Selecting the perfect meal for our pups is a tale as old as time, filled with plot twists and turns - and yes, a whole lot of sniffing. Every dog owner knows the path to your pooch’s heart is through their stomach and the choices are endless.

In this blog, we're serving up a dish of reality: a hearty scoop of the pros and a dash of the cons of canned food for dogs. Let's make our way through the details and chew over the facts to discover if canned food should be on the menu for your canine companion.

Pros of Canned Food for Dogs

Pop open a can of dog food, and you're serving up a culinary masterpiece worthy of the dog version of Gordon Ramsay - yes, it's that good. Here's the breakdown of why canned food for dogs will have your furry friend's tail wagging:

  • For picky pooches, the tantalizing aroma and flavor of canned food can make mealtime irresistible again. It's perfect for dogs who turn up their noses or older gents and ladies who have less sniffing power.
  • If your dog avoids food because of sore teeth or is a puppy transitioning from milk, the soft texture of canned food is easier to gobble up.
  • Concerned your dog isn't lapping up enough water? Canned food is high in moisture and helps keep them well-hydrated, supporting overall health with every savory bite.
  • Ward off the guilt of not sharing your dinner with your pup. Clever pet owners use canned food as an exciting addition to the regular menu at your dog’s table.
  • With canned food, introducing new flavors to your pet’s regular rotation is a breeze and makes it easy to add variety to your pet’s diet - without having to do the old “dry food switcheroo.”

Canned dog food offers a buffet of perks for your pooch, from succulent flavors to hydrating benefits. Yet, as you know, every coin has two sides. Up next, we'll explore the less savory sides of canned cuisine - all to ensure your furry friend's feast is truly top-dog!

Life's Abundance

Life’s Abundance canned food for dogs offers premium, grain free recipes packed with wholesome proteins and robust flavors dogs love.

Cons of Canned Food for Dogs

After serving up a spoonful of the pros, it's time to flip the can and spill the cons. Yes, there are a few bones to pick when it comes to canned dog food. Let's dive into the less appetizing facts that every pet parent should chew over:

  • Plot twist: Canned food's high water content is both a pro and a con. Because it contains around 70-80% water, dogs need a larger serving to get the right amount of nutrition.
  • Canned food doesn't offer the same dental benefits as kibble because it lacks the crunch, and that mechanical chewing action can help reduce tartar. Fear not, though! By mixing in some kibble or having a chat with your vet, you can easily navigate these first two concerns for a happy, healthy pup.
  • Some cans contain BPA. While Life’s Abundance uses BPA-free cans, this is a common and growing concern for many pet parents (and rightfully so!).
  • Canned food may spoil, transforming a tasty treat into a science experiment in the back of the fridge. Pro tip: Mark the can with the date it was opened, and remember to use it within two days of refrigeration.

Armed with these insights, you're well on your way to becoming a savvy shopper in the pet food aisle. The main thing is to ensure your furry friend's menu is both delicious and nutritious!

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