The History of Life’s Abundance: A Quarter-Century of Commitment

The History of Life’s Abundance: A Quarter-Century of Commitment

Life's Abundance

Hard work and commitment are the foundation of the Life’s Abundance community.

“When we decided to start Life’s Abundance, we knew we really wanted to help people, and we wanted to help our planet. So we decided to focus on bringing value to the things that are really important to us. It became more about doing right by the distributors, doing right by our planet, and doing right by our customers.” - Dennis Berardi, Life’s Abundance Co-Founder

Embracing Challenges, Crafting a Legacy

As we stand at the remarkable milestone of our 25th anniversary, there's a profound sense of gratitude and reflection that fills the air here at Life’s Abundance. A quarter-century ago, with a dream and determination, we embarked on a journey not only to create products but to improve lives. It was about the meals we serve our pets, the personal care products we use, and the environment we cultivate in our homes. Each product wasn’t just an item on a shelf, but a promise to the families who trust us to deliver quality products.

The path wasn't always smooth. We weathered the turbulent economic storm of 2009, stood resilient during pet food industry upheavals, and rose stronger amidst the challenges of a global pandemic. Yet, every obstacle only deepened our commitment to paced growth. This principle has been our guiding star, reminding us that real success is steady, considered, and unwavering in the pursuit of excellence.

25 Years of Being More Than a Business

As we nostalgically journey through the 25 years that built us, we celebrate the triumphs, learn from the challenges and dream of the future. Join us as we unfold the timeline of our biggest milestones and give thanks to the heartbeats that made Life’s Abundance truly abundant.

  • 1998: A humble beginning in Palm City, Florida. With hope in their hearts and a vision in their minds, Dennis and Carol Berardi breathed life into Trilogy International, which would later blossom into Life's Abundance. Their home office becomes a nurturing ground, and Stephen Berardi, Dennis’ brother, joins this earnest endeavor as the first employee.

  • 1999: Sometimes, serendipity guides us. On a quest to elevate their offerings, Dennis and Carol set out in search of skilled product formulators. Fate led them to a pet fair, where they crossed paths with the insightful Dr. Jane Bicks. This fortuitous meeting sowed the seeds of a cherished partnership. With Dr. Jane's presence, the family grew to include Ann McEver, Linda Logue, and Lester Thornhill. As the team expanded, so did the need for space, leading them to a new headquarters in Stuart, Florida.

  • 2003: A testament to dedication. Under the careful and experienced stewardship of George Jochum, CEO at the time, Life's Abundance achieved consistent profitability for the first time. This milestone was a celebration and a reflection of the team's unwavering drive to be financially stable and successful.

  • 2007: Planting seeds for a brighter tomorrow. The Dr. Jane Foundation was granted 501(c)3 status, marking the birth of our dedicated non-profit initiative. This year also saw business soar to unprecedented heights. Amidst historic pet food recalls, our products remained untouched and safe, while this event impacted many others in the industry. This resilience highlighted our commitment to ensure healthier, happier lives for people and pets.

  • 2008: Embracing change, nurturing growth. Lester Thornhill ascends to the monumental roles of CEO and President of Life's Abundance. Under his direction, Dennis and Carol Berardi passionately refocus their energies on empowering the expansive network of Field Reps.

  • 2009: Overcoming obstacles. In the shadow of the bursting real estate bubble and the impending economic downturn, we faced adversity head-on, demonstrating our capacity to thrive even in challenging times. The innovative spirit of Life’s Abundance helped us find efficiencies and negotiate better contracts to keep pricing fair, without ever compromising on quality.

  • 2010: A rebirth of identity. As the company evolved and matured, so did its name. Trilogy International blossomed fully into Life's Abundance, Inc., a name that captures our evolving essence and mission.

  • 2012: A landmark year. The team excitedly moved into a custom-built facility in Jupiter, Florida, a manifestation of their shared dreams and hard work. As George Jochum took a step back, his wife, Cris, gracefully filled the void as Board Chairman. This same year, Life's Abundance was recognized as one of the Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch, a well-deserved recognition of the growth seen during this time.

  • 2013: A gift of ownership. In a landmark gesture of trust and appreciation, the company transitioned to being 100% employee-owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). The Jochums and the Berardis continued to illuminate the path, retaining their established roles despite the shift in ownership.

  • 2016: Broadening horizons. Life's Abundance not only expanded its supplement range but also unveiled a natural, plant-based skin care line, highlighting our holistic approach to well-being.

  • 2017: Planting more roots, defining our purpose. With the grand opening of the Dumas, Texas warehouse, we laid down stronger operational foundations. This year also saw the proclamation of our Core Values and Purpose, giving voice to our company culture and direction.

  • 2018: Planting a sustainable future. Life’s Abundance partnered with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that helps sequester carbon – but their impact is so much greater. Through this shared passion, we reached our goal of planting over 1 million trees and helping hundreds of families grow a consistent food supply in Africa.

  • 2019: Building confidence with customers. Taking our dedication to premium quality a notch higher, we committed to AAFCO feeding trials. We were also given a Forbes Small Giants award, a testament to the energy behind the company. Furthermore, the opening of the Oregon warehouse marked our 6th Distribution Center, bolstering our promise to deliver the best to our expanding customer base.

  • 2020: Sustainability meets adaptability. As we pledged our commitment to being carbon-negative, we stood firm in our environmental responsibility. The headquarters in Jupiter completed the milestone of a major solar panel installation. And while the global challenges posed by COVID were met with resilience and determination, we stayed united and open to serve our communities.

  • 2021: Innovation takes hold. We took a pioneering step forward, launching our own manufacturing by procuring a state-of-the-art sample machine for our pet products. This year also saw Life’s Abundance officially recognized as an Evergreen Company by the Tugboat Institute. With the completed construction of a new warehouse in Dumas, Texas, this year was a big one for innovation.

  • 2022: Advancing forward. Expanding our corporate footprint, we set our sails towards Asheville, North Carolina, creating space to grow our Business Development department. Simultaneously, we embraced technological advances, investing in robots for our warehouses.

Life's Abundance

Life’s Abundance celebrates 25 years of business in November 2023.

The Future of Life’s Abundance

From the beginning, our goal wasn’t about being the largest in the market. It was about holding each product, each commitment, to the highest standard of quality and integrity. But our future responsibility goes beyond our products – it extends to the very planet we draw our inspiration from.

Our collaboration with Trees for the Future is more than just planting trees. It’s about reinvigorating the earth, improving the air we share, and lighting up lives in communities that have experienced hardship. By 2025, we dream of 2 million trees standing tall and proud. That's about 40,000 acres of forests and countless breaths of fresh oxygen!

From solar panel installations, choosing trains over trucks, and embracing sustainable packaging, every operational choice is a conscious one. These choices are smart, strategic, and rooted in genuine care for everyone we interact with.

We're not waiting for a Plan B – because, for us, Plan A is already the sustainable path for the future. This is our blueprint, ensuring we craft tomorrow's legacy with today's actions.

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