Rise and Shine with This Breakfast Popsicle Recipe

Rise and Shine with This Breakfast Popsicle Recipe

Life's Abundance

These fun and fruity popsicles are made with fresh berries, bananas, yogurt, chia seed and our Minerals & Antioxidants.

Imagine waking up to a beautiful morning and treating yourself to a breakfast that's as pretty as it is nutritious. Not to mention, your childhood dreams are coming true - you can finally have dessert in the morning, without the sugar guilt. Welcome to the vibrant and delicious world of layered fruit and yogurt popsicles!

These delightful popsicles are not only a feast for the eyes but also a boost for your health - packed with berries, yogurt and our Minerals & Antioxidants - plus a surprising secret ingredient: frozen riced cauliflower! This stealthy addition is a new twist on these classic frozen treats, making them even more satisfying and nourishing. It's a clever way to get more fiber into your day without sacrificing any of the delightful flavors.

So get ready to start your day with a smile and a frozen treat that will leave you feeling refreshed and cool all summer long.

Yogurt Parfait Breakfast Popsicles

Makes about 10 popsicles

Yogurt Layer Ingredients

½ cup Greek-style yogurt
2 Tbsp. plant-based milk (see note)
¼ tsp. vanilla extract

Fruit Layer Ingredients

1 scoop Life’s Abundance Cherry Minerals & Antioxidants
1 ¼ cups plant-based milk
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
1 cup frozen strawberries
¼ cup riced frozen cauliflower
¼ cup frozen wild blueberries
1 banana


  1. Mix the yogurt layer ingredients together and pour about 1 Tbsp. of this mix into each of the popsicle molds.
  2. Next, add all of the fruit layer ingredients to your blender and blend on high until smooth (about 60 seconds).
  3. Pour the fruit mixture over the yogurt layer and into the popsicle molds. Don’t fill them all the way up. Leave a small amount of space in the mold because they will expand in the freezer.
  4. Freeze for a minimum of four hours or overnight. Store in an airtight container in the freezer for up to one month.

Note: If you have a sweet tooth, you can customize your yogurt to suit your preferences. Replace a tablespoon of milk with a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup.

Lastly, if you don't have popsicle molds on hand, worry not! You can enjoy this delightful creation as a thick and satisfying smoothie bowl too. Simply pour the mixture into a bowl and let your creativity run wild with toppings. Sprinkle some fresh berries, nuts, seeds, or granola over the top - and voila! You have a customizable, spoonable treat that's as delightful to eat as it is sweet and yummy.

Life's Abundance

Life’s Abundance Minerals & Antioxidants drink mix is a delicious and convenient way to get more superfruits into your diet.

Here’s why we love our Minerals & Antioxidants in this recipe:

  • Contains 74 plant-based, naturally chelated trace minerals and antioxidants from 10 nutrient-rich superfruits, including acai, cranberry, goji, maqui, and pomegranate.
  • Boasts a high ORAC value, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - a superhero in fighting free radicals!
  • No harmful chemicals, just pure goodness! Made with coconut water and aloe vera - nature’s own hydrating ingredient.
  • Zero added sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives - just pure delight in every sip.

So whether you're rushing out the door or taking a leisurely morning to savor the moment, these layered fruit and yogurt popsicles are the perfect companion. They offer a burst of flavors, various health benefits, and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic. Get ready to transform your breakfast routine into a vibrant celebration of deliciousness and wellness that will make your mornings shine!

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