The Meat Question: Do Dogs Need It? Plus a Natural Treat Solution

The Meat Question: Do Dogs Need It? Plus a Natural Treat Solution

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Dogs need a well-balanced diet of protein, fat and fiber to lead healthy, happy lives.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your beloved canine companion could make their own dietary choices? With a thoughtful expression on their face, they may ponder over the contents of their food bowl. Like you, your foodie furry friend understands a healthy, well-balanced diet is essential - but does that include meat? Should they embrace their inner herbivore or unleash their wild side as a true meat enthusiast?

Some pet owners lean toward feeding their dogs a diet that’s all or mostly plant-based–spoiler alert: that’s a big miss because dogs need a diet that offers the right combination of nutrients to stay healthy. This includes making sure dogs eat enough protein, fats, and fiber from the right sources.

Understanding the importance of a canine diet and meat can help you choose the best healthy dog treats and food for your pets. In this blog, you’ll learn why your dog needs protein from meats rather than veggies alone. Let's journey through the world of doggy nutrition and sniff out the truth!

The Benefits of Protein in a Dog’s Diet

Proteins can come from meat or plants but don’t have the same nutritional value. It’s like comparing “apples to oranges”…or should we say “apples to meat”? Plant-based proteins may sound good on paper, but they can put your dog at risk of missing out on all the good essential amino acids their bodies need.[1] And dogs need these amino acids like an Australian Shepherd needs to herd something - it’s a must!

What are the other benefits of meat proteins for dogs?

  • They’re a complete package of amino acids. Ten important amino acids in meats can’t be made by the body alone. These amino acids provide dogs with many health benefits - from their wet noses to their waggily tails! They also provide tons of nutritional value, leaving your dog feeling satisfied.
  • They’re easier to digest. Unlike some plant-based proteins that can leave your pooch's stomach feeling unsettled, meat proteins are generally easier for dogs to digest, ensuring they can savor every bite without any digestive hiccups.
  • They promote muscle maintenance and growth. Meat proteins are vital in supporting muscle growth, helping your pup maintain a lean and dashing physique to show off at the dog park. Proteins also play a role in forming soft tissues and skin cells in dogs.
  • They provide energy galore. Your pup's boundless energy is supported by power-packed proteins found in meat, giving them the vitality to chase their tails for days - or embark on those epic squirrel-stalking adventures!

Life's Abundance jerky treats

Life’s Abundance’s variety of jerky-style, healthy dogs treats are created with your dog’s optimal health in mind.

Optimize Your Dog’s Health with Natural Dog Treats

So how can you make sure your dog is getting the nutrients needed for optimal health? Protein can’t be the only character here - your dog needs a holistic approach to their diet, which includes the magical trio of protein, fats, and fiber. These three amigos work together like a dog sled team, bringing well-rounded nutrition to their tummy and keeping them feeling full and satisfied. While protein is often the star of the show, we'll give fats and fiber their well-deserved moments in the canine diet spotlight.

Okay, so let's talk about fats. They're the juicy secret to a healthy, happy wagging tail. Good fats, like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, found in fish oil and flaxseed support skin, coat and brain health. These healthy fats are the doggie equivalent of avocado toast - super tasty and oh-so-nutritious!

Now, let's give a round of "appaws" for fiber. Fiber might not be the most glamorous nutrient, but it's the unsung hero of your pup's digestion. Think of fiber as the loyal janitor, sweeping away all the waste and keeping those intestines squeaky clean. Fiber promotes regular bathroom breaks (cue the doggy bag jokes) and also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

So, next time you're pondering over your dog's diet, remember this powerful team of three and strike the perfect balance in protein, fats, and fiber. Make sure to consult with your veterinarian and tailor your dog's diet if they have specific needs.

Try These Healthy Treats for Dogs

Whether you’ve got a pup in training or an older gent or lady, treat time is always a good time to provide your canine companion with optimal nutrition. Are there any treats out there that check off all the boxes when it comes to canine-specific dietary needs?

Our healthy dog treats are made with holistic formulas that provide numerous health benefits from meats, fruits, and vegetables. These babies bring the best of both worlds—meats and other essential nutrients—to your doggo's plate!

Grain Free Turkey & Berry Chewies

  • Made with free-range turkey, pumpkin, cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries
  • Features a bold smoky flavor and chewy texture with a touch of sweetness
  • 23% protein / 21% fat / 4.5% fiber

Tasty Rewards

  • Made with New Zealand-raised lamb and flavorful chicken
  • Also contains ground pumpkin seeds, ground brown rice, and dried chicory root for additional nutrients, enhanced flavor, and soft texture
  • 24% protein / 22% fat / 2.5% fiber

Lamb & Venison Recipe

  • Made of venison and lamb lung, liver, and heart
  • Also contains dried chicory root, a prebiotic fiber with a taste dogs love
  • 30% protein / 25% fat / 2% fiber

Give one of these to your dog during training sessions - or any time, really! Feeding them nutritious dog treats and foods, means you’re doing your part to ensure they stay as healthy and happy as possible.

Meat in a Dog Diet: Balance is Key

Let's face it, meat proteins are simply delicious for dogs! They satisfy their carnivorous cravings and make mealtime an eagerly anticipated event, leaving your pup with a smile as wide as their food bowl and a belly full of nutritious amino acids. But as we conclude this exciting adventure through the world of doggy nutrition, let's remember - the key to keeping our furry friends healthy and happy lies in a well-balanced diet.

Protein, fats, and fiber are the perfect fuel for their bodies and promote overall well-being. By embracing the benefits of meat proteins, the wonders of healthy fats, and the digestive power of fiber in healthy dog treats, you provide your pups with the foundation for a vibrant and energetic life.


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