We’re Now Powered By The Sun

We’re Now Powered By The Sun

We’re pleased to announce that South Florida’s beaming sunlight is now shining down on the brand-new solar panels located at the Life’s Abundance headquarters in Jupiter, FL!

While there are multiple benefits of solar energy, we are most excited about the environmental impact that will also get us closer to our goal of becoming carbon negative as a company — this means that we will be removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we emit. It is a lofty but worthwhile goal that we project to achieve within the next two years.

Our mission of empowering people and pets to live healthier and happier lives is about more than the products we offer — here are some other ways that Life’s Abundance is making a difference.

Ways we are reducing our carbon footprint:

  • Planting trees, nearly 140,000 and counting

  • Going digital and eliminating paper products

  • Utilizing smarter shipping practices

  • Eliminating plastic bubble wrap

  • Reduced energy and water consumption at our facilities

    worker installing solar

How We're Giving Back:

For each skin care product purchased, a tree will be planted by Trees for the Future in a community suffering the environmental and economic effects of deforestation. We are also part of Trees for the Future’s carbon sequestering program, which captures carbon by planting trees.

Quarter by quarter, we are offsetting the calculated carbon footprint of our headquarters and all six of our warehouse locations. And we are not stopping there!  The plan in place will completely offset the footprints of the daily commute of all employees, the transit and delivery of all packages we ship and receive, and even our annual convention.

At Life’s Abundance, we want to make this world a better place for all people and their pets, from the products they consume to the world we all live in — side-by-side with the support of customers, we’re fulfilling our purpose of empowering healthier, happier living!


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  • Susan Vossler

    5/11/2020 12:29:28 AM |

    Thanks for the eco efforts:  solar panels,  tree planting.  I appreciate when businesses and corporations step up!!

  • Debbie Damesworth

    5/17/2020 6:59:19 AM |

    I appreciate and love the Evergreen approach.

  • Jennifer Krajeski

    10/27/2020 8:29:38 AM |

    Feeling grateful and am impressed that this amazing company it's not only focused on the healthy products and supplements that we take into our bodies, but also how our environment also plays a huge role in our overall health!  Thank you for your efforts to put a lot of time and effort into reducing the carbon footprint, and genuinely caring about your employees, customers, and the beautiful earth on which we all have to live!  

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