Why Consumers Trust Lifeʼs Abundance Pet Food

Why Consumers Trust Lifeʼs Abundance Pet Food

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NOTE: Life’s Abundance is not the subject of any FDA investigations or cases of DCM.

The FDA’s June 27 update linking 16 dog food brands to reports of the canine heart disease dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) has pet parents understandably concerned. Our hearts go out to affected families, and we’re happy to address your questions about our brand.

Our Purpose is You

At Life’s Abundance we are fueled by our passion for helping families, including pets, live longer, happier, healthier lives. You and your family are at the top of our minds as we develop products, select ingredients, choose suppliers and answer your questions.

If you already feed your companion Life’s Abundance food, thank you for placing your trust in us. If you or someone you know is considering making a switch, we hope you will choose Life’s Abundance.

Our way of thinking sets us apart, but it doesn’t end there.

  • Authenticity. We don’t buy into fads and marketing gimmicks. Our formulas are based on proven science and evolve only when research confirms that an adjustment will provide a nutritional benefit. In fact, because we are proactive in our approach, we were among the first to include guaranteed probiotics in our foods.
  • Guaranteed Taurine. We guarantee minimum amounts of taurine in all of our dry dog foods. Though this nutrient is not required by AAFCO, we have always seen it as an important and beneficial supplement in our dog foods.
  • Regular Testing. We regularly test all of our dry foods. Some tests are standard protocol and some go above and beyond standard requirements. For example, after a 2018 FDA report indicated there may be a link between DCM and taurine deficiency, we re-tested taurine levels in all of our dry dog food diets. Then, later that year we re-tested Vitamin D after a series of recalls due to an excess of this nutrient. In all cases, we remain vigilant about the safety of our products.
  • Proven Results. For two decades families like yours have trusted us to provide the best nutrition for their pets. Generations of dogs and cats have thrived on our products and thousands of pet parents have shared their experience through reviews we can be proud of.
  • Feeding Trials in Process. We recognize the importance of standardized, scientific testing and the value of Feeding Trials and we are underway with the process to trial all of our dry dog foods.
  • Quick Notification System. We are proud of the fact that we have never had a recall. But, what we are most thrilled with is our Quick Notification System. Unlike most brands, because we have a direct relationship with customers, in the event there is ever an issue with a product, we will be able to notify consumers immediately. Rather than waiting to hear about a problem in the news, from a friend, or never hearing about it all, Life’s Abundance will contact you directly by email, phone or even mail. That’s a level of service you simply can’t get anywhere else.

As a company and as pet parents ourselves, news of events like DCM makes us pause to acknowledge what it means to be based on a foundation of integrity, and to appreciate those families whose well being our products support.

Be assured, we are monitoring this investigation closely and will provide updates as they become available.

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  • Caryl J Lloyd

    7/1/2019 6:29:39 PM |

    Thank you for your  informative article on your  product.

  • Roweena Baker

    7/2/2019 7:17:40 AM |

    My dog is a Goldador and thus far very healthy and my trainer Hal recommended Life Abundance.  Darby loves it.  

  • Dori Miller

    7/2/2019 7:56:57 AM |

    Am very concerned about dog food recalls, please keep up the GOOD work you are doing for our pets. I give my dog, Brynna, your dog food and she loves it!

  • Kathy Morrow

    7/2/2019 9:03:59 AM |

    Yes please keep me updated.

  • Diane Smith

    7/2/2019 9:27:10 AM |

    It is so nice to be affiliated with a company dedicated to the health of our pets as their number one priority.  We love our Maltipoos and only want the best for them and so far that includes Life's Abundance dog food.

  • Norrie Zaret

    7/2/2019 10:04:15 AM |

    Where to buy, get nutrition: ingredient info?

  • Life's Abundance

    7/2/2019 10:29:02 AM |

    Simply visit our homepage. The link is provided in this post and at the top of the page, but to save you time, copy and paste the link below into your browser. And let us know if you have any more questions!


  • Candie Levi

    7/2/2019 12:14:18 PM |

    Thank you so much for addressing this. Your product and company give me peace of mind!

  • Scott Layne

    7/3/2019 8:21:36 AM |

    We have two Havanese and my oldest was always ill or lethargic.  When we got our youngest Havanese the breeder recommended Life’s Abundance.  They both gladly eat it and my oldest has a spark in her eye and a jump in her step she’s never had!  We are grateful for your  diligence to pet nutrition and health.

    Thank you!

  • Meredith Davies

    7/3/2019 12:58:29 PM |

    Thank you for sharing the article. My questions are... how are Life’s Abundance foods different from these other grain free diets on the list?  Could the reason the ones are on the list be because they are more popular, hence more users = more cases?  Just curious.  I want to do what’s best for my dog, but it’s hard when they have allergies and now this study makes it even scarier and harder to choose.

  • Life's Abundance

    7/8/2019 1:44:36 PM |

    Like you, many pet parents are seeking answers to the questions surrounding a possible dietary link with DCM.  As the FDA’s research is still ongoing, we can only speak to our formulas.  Since the beginning, we have emphasized the proportions of each ingredient to the others.  The importance of synergism, or the interaction of ingredients, cannot be understated.  That’s because the proper proportions help to maximize the nutritional impact of a formula. As with any recipe, if you use the wrong ratios, you will get very different results.

  • Tina Minnich

    7/9/2019 9:34:36 PM |

    I'm so happy to be a part of a wonderful company that stands up for quality and saftey first!

  • Carol Sheets

    8/2/2019 2:46:39 PM |

    Life's abundance.
    Thank you for a life's time of  food feeding my girl,"HarLee" a Cocker Spaniel. Every time her food arrived she'd sniff and knew it was for her.  She was always ready to eat at her feeding times. Thank you for the 12 and half years of  quality dog food. Carol Sheets-Mn.

  • Kim Davis

    2/6/2020 1:44:49 PM |

    Skittles loves the products and I take comfort in knowing I have chosen well for her!

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