Greyhound Facts: Learn About the World's Fastest Dog

Greyhound Facts: Learn About the World's Fastest Dog


Greyhounds are one of the oldest purebred canines. Ancient paintings of these noble creatures grace the walls of tombs in the great Egyptian pyramids. In fact, Greyhounds are the only breed mentioned by name in the Bible!

Aside from being one of the fastest animals on the planet, they are so good-natured that they are commonly referred to as “Velcro dogs” by their people. 

Would you like to learn more about this elegant, ancient breed? Then look no further, because here’s a handy infographic that reveals some of the most amazing Greyhound facts. To view the full-size PDF, simply click on the image below!

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  • FromTheRoost

    5/20/2019 2:31:32 PM |

    Thank you for the timely coverage of this stately breed!  With the new dog racing ban in Florida, I will happily share this with my friends considering adoption.

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