Pet Product Recalls Skyrocket in 2018

Pet Product Recalls Skyrocket in 2018


Updated 3-22-18: Something is very wrong in America’s food safety apparatus. Recently, numerous pet food companies have issued recalls for products containing Salmonella, Listeria and even Pentobarbital, a drug used almost exclusively to euthanize dogs, cats and horses. Not only can these contaminants result in pets contracting a serious illness, possibly even a fatal one, but in some cases they can lead to serious harm for anyone improperly handling the tainted products.

So far in 2018, we've seen double the number of recalls vs. 2017 in just two months time. Here's a snapshot of the FDA's pet product recall page ...


What jumps out from the list of recalls is the high number of raw foods which have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, not only in the US, but around the world. Unfortunately, by their very nature, raw foods carry an exceptionally high risk of bacterial contamination.


In fact, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal by a team of veterinary scientists from The Netherlands cited the dangers associated with feeding raw foods to companion animals. In a broad sampling of raw-food products, investigators found a startling amount of bacteria and parasite contamination. Numerous products contained Salmonella, Listeria, E coli, Toxoplasma gondii or other harmful contaminants that not only pose risks to dogs and cats, but also to the pet parents serving the foods. In the study's summation, researchers did not hold back in their conclusions, saying, "Cats and dogs that eat raw meat diets are also more likely to become infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria than animals on conventional diets, which could pose a serious risk to both animal health and public health."

One company has initiated four recalls since 2016 after receiving multiple complaints from consumers. The FDA and the State of Washington are conducting separate investigations, due to the repeat nature of contaminants and the number of consumers affected. A number of dogs have been gravely sickened and one cat has died as a result of eating these products.

Another company has recalled its frozen raw pet food after reports surfaced of the death of two kittens from Salmonella septicemia, also referred to as blood poisoning. The FDA has launched an investigation, which has already uncovered the presence of both Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes in samples of that company's Beef products.

And these are just two of the raw food producers that have issued recalls. The products recalled are too numerous to include in this post, but we encourage readers to visit the FDA site for full details (link provided below).


On February 8th, ABC 7 News (a D.C. affiliate) published a story about their investigation of the actual ingredients in dozens of canned dog food brands. What they found was genuinely disturbing. In all, 31 different foods tested positive for Pentobarbital. Most of the foods were produced by one company, The J.M. Smucker Co. The company first denied the reports, then issued a "withdrawal notice" asking retailers to return defective products. The FDA launched an investigation and the company finally issued a recall. 



Consumption of a pentobarbital-laced food can cause dogs to suffer drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, nausea, inability to stand, nystagmus (jerking movement of the eyes), even coma or death. Needless to say, if you believe your pet is suffering from such problems, please contact your veterinarian right away.

A Class Action lawsuit has been brought against Big Heart Brands, a subsidiary of Smuckers. To learn more about the Class Action, visit the link provided in the citations below, especially if your dog has consumed any of the recalled products.

If you're looking for a brand that puts the needs and wellbeing of companion animals before profits, we invite to you check out our health-promoting line of products for dogs and cats. We don't sell anything we wouldn't feed our own pets, who we treat like family. We only work with thoroughly vetted and trusted manufacturers and suppliers who provide top-notch ingredients. Our pet foods are made in small, frequent batches and go directly to our five warehouses where they are carefully boxed and shipped to customers. We've never had a recall, but we have a procedure in place that would allow us to contact every single consumer of our products directly (either by phone or by email) if there's an issue. At Life’s Abundance, we not only make premium products but we also ensure that we deliver premium products.

March 19, 2018: With all of the additional regulations put in place over the last ten years, pet food safety is still a problem. According to a follow-up story on March 19 by ABC7, they were able to purchase cans of dog food recalled due to pentobarbital contamination.

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  • Kris Leaver

    3/12/2018 8:27:44 PM |

    Thank you for sharing the details on these recalls.

  • Becky

    3/22/2018 3:55:25 PM |

    Thanks so much for the recall info. I have racing whippets and am in the minority since I have always felt that raw foods had so much potential for problems. Glad I didn't succumb to peer pressure on this one and kept my dogs healthy. Thanks again. My whippets have been fed Life Abundance their entire lives and seem to be thriving.

  • John Stottele

    3/23/2018 7:25:54 AM |

    It’s very disturbing that the quality control of these large pet food companies does not do enough to protect our pets. The other upsetting reality is that thousands of pets are eating these contaminated foods and treats and will never know because there is not a company system to notify them about the recall. They have no way to contact their buyers, other than FDA notices and possibly the store that sell the item, posting a notice on the wall (which is unlikely).

    I’m so grateful for the integrity, quality controll and protection Life’s Abundance lives by every day. I don’t know of another company that has quality control and a safety system just in case we ever had a problem with a batch (not that we ever have or, I believe ever will). Who else has the customer’s contact info that allows them to text or email clients in case of health risk to their pet. This is peace of mind for me and all the clients I offer LA food and treats too. Thank You! Thank You!

  • Barb Hesterman

    3/23/2018 7:46:59 PM |

    Our little Fritz came to us from Kennel of Dreams and is now  6 years old.  He was being fed Life’s Abundance by his kennel mom and we have continued with nothing but Life’s Abundance.  He is a very happy and healthy little boy.  We will never change his food.

  • Dana sedgwick-Hickey

    3/24/2018 10:47:29 AM |

    Wonderful information, thanks

  • Debbie Damesworth

    3/26/2018 7:36:41 AM |

    Excellent information to share. Thanks so much.

  • Toni

    3/26/2018 10:42:04 PM |

    Thanks for the update!  I would like to know if Primal is ever added to recall list.  

  • Wendy

    4/3/2018 12:48:11 PM |

    SO very important. Good info here. I'm sharing this all over so others can be in the know, too!

  • Deirdre

    4/3/2018 1:56:03 PM |

    What do you think of Origen's freeze dried raw treats for cats and dogs?

  • Debbie Meyer

    4/3/2018 10:45:42 PM |

    My Angel started Life's Abundance after suffering with terrible resolved within a few weeks after getting off of the commercial food I was using and switching to Life's Abundance. Unfortunately,  at 13 1/2, Angel passed from mast cell tumor cancer. When she was diagnosed, I was in a group encouraging me to feed her raw, that all kibble was junk..even organic ones. I wound up cooking for her and lessening the kibble, but she didn't improve much. We lost her December 2017.
    I'm not sure what caused her it the food we feed our dogs? Is it over vaccinations? I still believe this is a very good product and I appreciate your information on all of the recalls. If and when I get another dog, I will definitely use Life's Abundance.

  • Fritz Von Allen

    4/18/2018 8:06:19 AM |

    Thanks Tracy for info

  • Stephanie

    5/2/2018 1:44:02 AM |

    Thankyou for the info.  I found your food based on the fact that I was sick and tired of checking to make sure my dogs food wasn't on the latest recall list and found out about life's abundance.  My dogs have been happy and healthy ever since.

  • Connie

    5/17/2018 10:23:06 AM |

    I.  Love. The. Dog. Food. And. The.  People. Smoothie.  It. Gives.  Connie. A Lot. Over.  Energy.  

  • Jessica Taylor

    12/4/2018 7:30:50 AM |

    Recalling dog food! My dogs ear Alpo and Pedigee! I just want to make sure it's not one of those!
    Thanks for your time!

  • Mary Lou Traettino

    12/6/2018 11:02:13 AM |

    Please add me to your email notification list. We, like most people that have pets love them very much. This is just another alarming issue to worry about it. Just cannot figure out what is wrong with people. Cruelty to elderly, children, women and now pets. What is wrong with people!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Dryjas

    5/23/2019 6:46:30 PM |

    Thank you so much for. protecting all the pets and the owner ❤️🐾🙏

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