Grant Awarded to Basset Hound Rescue

Grant Awarded to Basset Hound Rescue



All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue operates out of Rochester, NY and extends its rescue efforts to upstate, western, and central NY as well. ABCBHR also partners with eight breed-specific rescue organizations across the nation to further expand their rescue reach. This organization is dedicated to saving newly abandoned hounds, homeless hounds, and hounds from other rescue groups. ABCBHR’s life-saving mission is to “help homeless hounds get the care, love, and attention they need and find them forever homes that can provide for them.”

ABCBHR started in 2001 and has since adopted out almost 800 Basset Hounds to loving homes. Their goal is to rescue a minimum of 60-70 hounds per year, and this past year they were able to surpass their goal by rescuing 115 Basset hounds. Out of the impressive 115 hounds that they rescued, 108 pups found their way into forever homes.

All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue does not operate as a shelter; rather, they are a network of foster homes. The pups can remain in foster care anywhere from two weeks to three months depending on their health condition and needs. The all-volunteer foster parents work closely with behaviorists to determine each Basset Hound’s distinct personality, to help ensure that they are placed in the perfect home.

Prospective parents are screened and interviewed prior to being matched with the right Basset hound. Adoptive parents can be placed on ABCBHR’s adoption list for up to six months until the best match can be established. While they strive to find forever homes, they are always willing to resume custody of any of their hounds if the adoption doesn’t work out.

According to ABCBHR, their biggest challenge is too few foster homes. They are always looking for good foster parents and homes to assist incoming hounds with their transitions from homeless pups to permanent companions. All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue also offers a virtual foster home option where supporters can make financial donations to help foster parents cover vet bills and other expenses. As a virtual foster parent, donors’ names appear on ABCBHR’s website next to the picture of the adoptive pup they are supporting. This option can be just right for families looking to support ABCBHR’s rescue efforts, especially if they cannot physically become foster parents themselves.

Since All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue does not receive any financial assistance, they have created several fundraising solutions. Supporters can open a Visa credit card sporting ABCBHR’s logo, which donates $50 from the first purchase and a small percentage of each additional purchase thereafter. They also created ‘The Slobber Shoppe’ where they sell Basset Hound related merchandise. You can even purchase a wine sampler pack that features six wine bottles with Basset Hounds depicted on the label.

All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue holds several fundraising events throughout the year, the largest event being their annual Spring Blast. They hold this event in a vacant warehouse, and Basset Hounds from all over the nation are welcomed to attend. Every year ABCBHR crowns a king, queen, prince and princess Basset Hound. These lucky winners are then dressed in royal costumes and appropriately crowned.

Thanks to our financial award, All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue was able to provide veterinarian care for incoming hounds that were rescued. Our award specifically helped to save the life of a special eight-year-old Basset Hound named Nellie.


Nellie’s situation was one that is all-too-familiar to our readers … yet another dog rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio. She has successfully been able to retire from a life of continuous breeding with help from the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation. Nellie is currently looking for a permanent home and is available for adoption on All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue’s website (

When you purchase Life’s Abundance products, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation. With your continued support, we are able to support All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue and many other life-saving organizations. If you wish to make a donation or know of a rescue group that could use a helping hand, please send your requests to [email protected] or the Dr. Jane's HealthyPetNet Foundation, P.O. Box 1425, Palm City, Florida 34991.

Check back next month for another dose of good news from our charitable foundation!

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