Successful Aging - Factors in Lifespan Determination

Successful Aging - Factors in Lifespan Determination

Welcome to the final installment in our Successful Aging Series! In this episode of Pet Talk, we’ll devote time to one of the great mysteries of health … is it due to some sort of genetic luck-of-the-draw or does it have more to do with living wisely? Our hope is that a deeper understanding of this topic could assist all pet parents, aiding them in their attempts to ensure longer and healthier lifetimes for their dear companions. Dr. Sarah explains recent research conducted in this fascinating arena, all with an eye towards the potential benefits in regards to the longevity of our furry four-footers. Additionally, Dr. Sarah will reveal a startlingly simple and ingenious method of feeding that shows great promise for helping extend the natural life of not only companion animals, but humans too! This is one episode you won’t want to miss. Be sure to share this important health message with your friends and family.

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  • Joyce

    8/25/2012 10:54:33 AM |

    Excellent post - it is hard to break the habit of over "treating" and feeding one's pet, until you accept that obesity can shorten your pet's life!

  • Lois DeWitt

    8/26/2012 3:13:06 PM |

    Good advice, however, I think quality of food should also be a factor for this discussion.  There are many brands of dog and cat food that include by-products that maybe toxic for most pets.  Also, ingredients for many pet foods is not regulated well. Even in high quality pet foods, tracking the global suppliers is difficult.

  • JoAnne Rando-Moon

    8/28/2012 10:07:55 AM |

    Great information and advice.  Thank you.

  • Sarah

    9/23/2012 5:10:19 PM |


    Absolutely - it goes without saying that quality is important, especially in light of the almost daily recalls.  


  • Janet Roberts

    11/12/2012 3:49:47 PM |

    Great article!  So many people don't realize how much food their pet is actually eating, especially if they free-feed.  Measuring will definitely help!

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