Foundation Aids Rescue Group in Tornado-Ravaged Alabama

Foundation Aids Rescue Group in Tornado-Ravaged Alabama


On April 27th, a massive storm system spawned over 180 tornadoes across the southeastern U.S., cutting a swathe of damage, injuries and death. The majority of the destruction occurred in Alabama, where tornados reached strengths of F4 and F5, the most destructive possible. Nearly 4,000 businesses were shuttered due to extensive damage. The full extent of the devastation is difficult to comprehend.

Now, just a few short weeks after experiencing the worst tornadic outbreak in over 50 years, Alabama residents are still digging through the rubble. So many lives were lost, many more were injured, and thousands are homeless. Many of those affected by the disaster included companion animals. Fortunately, a rescue organization has been making great strides in assisting dogs, cats and pet parents through this unbelievably trying time.

Established in 1971, the Humane Society of West Alabama is a no-kill, all-volunteer, non-profit organization utterly dedicated to the dogs and cats in their care. They operate on a spare budget, thanks entirely to donations and fundraisers, but never spare on the superior care they provide their rescues. In 2010, they placed 109 dogs and 91 cats in new forever homes, in addition to providing support to another hundred animals and families in need.

This Humane Society actively works to improve the quality of lives of dogs and cats throughout Western Alabama. Their past experience in locating homes, maintaining lists of lost and found animals, providing vet care to pets in need, and coordinating the activities of the support network of caring individuals within their community will assuredly help them to help others during the aftermath of the April tornados.

Their primary building, the Humane Society Adoption Center and Cat Care Facility, did not suffer major damage during the onslaught of April 27th. Every one of the cats who call the renovated building home was safe from harm. Their Dog Care Facility also escaped damage, and all their canines made it through the storm safe and sound. As we’ve already noted, others were not nearly so lucky. At present, there is no accurate tally of the number of missing pets. It is on behalf of all of the effected families and stranded companion animals that the Humane Society now works to salvage and to heal.

To assist the Humane Society of West Alabama, the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation made an emergency donation two weeks ago, matching its largest financial award to date. The funds we provided to this caring group of individuals will help defray the costs of saving lives, healing wounds, reuniting displaced companion animals with their families or placing them temporarily with foster parents.

The Humane Society has been actively involved in collecting and distributing pet supplies where they’re needed most in the disaster zones and temporary shelters. In the wake of the storms, the items they need with the greatest urgency include: crates and carriers of all types for both dogs and cats; puppy and kitten food; Heartguard heartworm medicine for dogs; flea and tick preventative for cats and dogs; dry powder milk replacer for kittens; small animal nursing bottles; and, collars and leashes. Any additional help you can provide, especially if you live within driving distance of this shelter, would be greatly appreciated.

Our sincere thanks to all of our readers who, through their personal donations and continued patronage, made this grant possible, to help this dedicated network of volunteers to continue their vital work in the wake of this storm.

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