Life’s Abundance and Digestive Health

Life’s Abundance and Digestive Health

I have been a pet product formulator for almost 25 years. Twelve of those years, I have been privileged to develop premium health-related products for Life's Abundance. Formulating dog and cat foods is normally a complex process; and, as a holistic veterinarian, my unique health perspective helps to inform this process. Each and every ingredient selected for a Life’s Abundance food is chosen to support all of the important bodily structures and functions. That’s why I am so proud that we have featured health-promoting direct fed microbials in Life’s Abundance Premium Health Foods for years, well ahead of competing foods.

Our exclusive formulas contain multiple types of direct fed microbials, all of which are guaranteed to be viable after cooking so they can take up “residence” in the GALT. To protect these beneficial bacteria, we micro-encapsulate the direct fed microbials prior to cooking our foods. This process ensures that they will survive in order to establish and maintain healthy digestive system cultures.

I invite you to try any of our Life’s Abundance Premium Health Foods, which feature a whole host of heavily-researched, health-promoting ingredients like direct fed microbials. Your decision to switch your pet’s diet to Life’s Abundance can have an enormous impact on the longevity and health of your companion animal.

Thank you so much for all that you do to make the world a better place for your companion animal.

Dr. Jane Bicks

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  • Lyn H.

    3/25/2010 10:15:22 AM |

    My vet suggested giving my little 15 lb. terrier a dry fod higher in fiber to keep his anal glands from getting engorged.  Does your dry food have high fiber?

  • carlos

    3/25/2010 10:39:11 AM |

    I have a cat, dog and two parrots and they all eat dog food, is the cat lacking something by only eating dog food, the parrots seem healthy and happy.

  • Faith

    3/25/2010 10:58:28 AM |

    My 4 cats all eat Life's Abundance.  Not only do they all love it, but I feel like a more responsible pet parent feeding them such a nutritious food.

  • nancy reichard

    3/25/2010 12:27:08 PM |

    I feed my dogs & cats Canidae/Felidae. How does your food compare?

  • Nancy

    3/25/2010 2:18:24 PM |

    My two cats are on Life's Abundance.  One is a rescue tabby that is about 5 years old and the other is an 11 month old Siamese.  The breeder I purchased my Siamese from recommend Life's Abundance.  Both cats are thriving on it.  I do wish that they would sell it at my local pet store where they carry only the best cat and dog foods.  I am currently considering a couple of other cat foods because of this as the cost of s&h and the overall cost of the food is much higher than the competitive brands.

  • Bill

    3/26/2010 6:02:20 AM |

    My dog Mandy has been on Life's Abundance dog food for almost 7 yrs now.She will be 17 this Sept.and shows no form of slowing down.Everyone who sees her,thinks she's around 5-6 yrs.Thank you so much for your product.

    ps-she's a clone of the small dog on your dry food.

  • Cindy

    3/26/2010 6:27:30 AM |

    We tried our sheltie on regular store-bought pet food and she gained too much weight in her puppy years.  A breeder recommended we try Life's Abundance, and she has done GREAT!  She has more energy, no sicknesses, and has a much healthier looking coat.  I would recommend this to anyone!

  • Lenore shelley

    3/26/2010 11:45:21 AM |

    I am very worried about my 8 year old Maltese.  She has frequent stomache upsets, quits eating, and later will eat only boiled chicken and white rice.  Last time she lost 7 oz.  I don't know how to get her to eat kibbled dog food again.  Do you have any suggestions?  HELP!

  • Debbie Damesworth

    4/7/2010 7:13:36 AM |

    @ Nancy:
    If both of your cats are thriving on this food, then you should stick with it.  You won't find any other food to compare, especially with all the advice and help you can receive from Dr. Jane directly or any of the reps.  Talk to the person who referred you to this wonderful food, Life's Abundance and possibly think about becoming a rep. You could eventually get your pet food for free with customers' purchases and sign up the local small pet food store. The cost does even out in the long run because the pets do not eat as much food as the store brand types.  Hope this helps.

  • Nadia

    4/4/2013 7:51:50 PM |

    I have been feeding my 5 month old puppy lifes abundance since we got him at 8weeks old.
    He gets fed 3x a day and he eats at a normal rate but he still has terrible gas.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?? We would really appreciate it.  I feel like the smell just takes over the whole house.

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