Dealing with the Loss of a Dog or Cat

Dealing with the Loss of a Dog or Cat

Losing a companion animal is devastating. And yet, many pet parents don’t receive the kind of emotional support they might expect if they had lost a human family member. Failing to show such a depth of compassion is common for those who have never shared a special bond with a dog or cat. These people might say to themselves, “What’s the big deal … it was just a pet.”  What they don’t understand is a very simple truth: losing a companion animal is losing a member of your family.

Anytime we suffer a dramatic loss, it is appropriate to grieve. Your first priority should be to come to grips with the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to grieve the passing of your companion animal. Accepting the magnitude of your loss can facilitate the process of grieving. The more you fight to suppress your feelings, the worse your grief can become. Hiding the heartache will do you no good.

Grief takes many forms, whether it’s denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately, acceptance. While many tout the different characterizations of grief as if they were absolute stages, these steps should be interpreted more as a continuum of emotion. That is, some may not experience them and others may experience many simultaneously.

Some find the process of grief frustrating, as it is a process of reaction. We may ask ourselves, “What can I do to feel better?” Those who have experienced a recent loss should take some comfort in knowing that there are outlets for this impulse. There are several organizations that allow you to contribute funds in the memory of your dog or cat. Many of these groups will publish an announcement of your gift along with a special message of tribute. In this way, you can create a legacy for your companion animal.

Additionally, you should be certain to actively take care of yourself physically. Because grief takes a toll on us physically, you should allow yourself extra time to sleep, be sure to exercise and eat well.

Don’t arbitrarily assign time limits to your grief. The bottom line is – as with most emotional processes – it takes as long as it takes.

Above all, know that you are not alone in your experience. Be sure to talk to other pet parents about your loss, but be sure to spend time sharing memories about the best times you spent with your dog or cat, too.

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  • Chuck

    9/23/2009 8:54:16 AM |

    How timely and helpful, we recently lost our dog.

  • kevin bischoff

    9/29/2009 5:02:31 PM |

    we lost our kitty and best frien last summer to cancer.....if we had only had this food!

  • Scott

    9/29/2009 5:31:03 PM |

    Great article!  One of the saddest days of my life was when I buried my 13 year old schnauzer.  That was many years ago.  She was just like any other member of our family.  We had very fond memories of her.

    As you said, grieving is a process.  It is nothing to be embarrassed about.  You have every right to grieve.

  • Animallover-Jan Ault

    9/29/2009 5:39:12 PM |

    The blog is a refreshing read and I feel great support when I read about losing a 4 Legged Angel.
    I'm taking this to another level with Critter-Conversation~with~Animallover-Jan in stressing the fact early on that our pets are a member of the family and if people don't feel this sense of compassion-they don't deserve the unconditional love our babies give!
    I believe that when people have the heart felt invitation from just plain society and excepting that the family pet is more than just a dog or cat this will embrace the emotions of many now and future pet parents to openly think and feel differently about their 4 Legged Angels! Grieving is a force in nature-our nature to be true to ourselves and feel what God intended us to feel and share when we lose a loved one. Losing a pet is the hardest loss I've ever experienced. For me-people are second in line and many times don't even count!
    Today I attended a Grand Opening of the first Fire Rescue House for families who are burnt out-the mayor's brother ask me to be the spokesperson and contact for our 4 Legged Angels when a tragedy happens. I will secure a temporary loving foster home for these babies and supply all their needs to nurse them back to health before returning to their pet parents!
    I was able to get on TV to spread the word that our 4 Legged Angels are every bit as important as any other family member. When asked what I felt was most important aspect of the Fire Rescue House-"I openly said the rescue of our pets" there are several organizations for people and pets are left out in the cold with out caring or the compassion! And it's long over due that people need to make a compassionate decision to change this and be responsible pet parents and society open their hearts and homes! And heaven forbid-their wallets!!!!!!
    If we can change the way people think/feel in the beginning-grieving for our beloved pets will help self heal the ills of society's ignorance and insensitivity we see today!
    Animallover-Jan Ault

  • Marie

    9/29/2009 5:43:33 PM |

    This article is great it pin points what you really go thru and how to handle it.

    I know because I lost two dogs and one cat in a 7 mth. period all to cancer. There ages ranged from 13 to 18 years old. I still miss them.

  • richard markel

    9/30/2009 8:02:42 AM |

    A nice article which I am sure will help others to deal with the loss of their pet when the time comes.  Losing a pet may be like losing a child to some.  You raise that animal from a puppy/kitty to an adult.  Then that day comes when a health issue or accident claims that animal’s life.  The hurt is there for you to deal with for quite a long time.  This past March, 2009 we had to put out Molly (Yorkie) down to her liver/kidneys failure.  We buried her in our backyard in the middle of the Lilies of the valley flowers.  Covered her grave with a couple of small little stone angels and when I drive by cutting the grass I still get a lump in my throat...  I still miss her...

  • Christie Delamater

    10/13/2009 5:30:03 AM |

    Thank you so much for the article, We had to put our beloved Kassie down Wednesday due to cancer, she was loved by all who knew her.  I liked the idea of giving to a shelter in her memory, I now will plan to do just that. Kassie was 12 years old, a spaniel mix, and very very loved. A new little Maltipoo rescue is helping me through the loss.

  • Jamie Nicholson

    10/21/2009 2:33:13 PM |

    I recently lost my cat of 15 years. She was my best friend and it has been very hard. Its been a little over a month now yet it feels like its been only a week. I hope the best for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved pet, and hope they are hanging in there, just like the pet would want.

  • Janet

    10/22/2009 4:54:21 PM |

    Yes, it's always hard to lose a family member.  I've been there quite a few times and it never gets any easier.  It does help to talk to other pet lovers about it.  Thanks for putting it all together in this post.  

  • Tom Fischer

    10/30/2009 2:48:35 AM |

    This is a good article, and good advice.

    We lost our Irish Setter to cancer, just 8 weeks ago. The pain was horrible, seeing it coming at us, with the euthanasia, etc.

    Moving forward after the event, I have set up a small list of projects for myself. The first was carving his headstone. That is done. Second is to collect photos and set up a wall collage in memory of him. Thirdly, I am making a garden memorial where I buried him.

    For me, each step of these projects adds closure, but also an element of permanence to an aspect of life that is fleeting.

    It seems to be helping my mental state.

  • Maryanne

    10/30/2009 5:33:44 AM |

    @ Jamie Nicholson:
    I know how you and all the other caregivers feel. I had just lost one cat, 17 1/2yrs old this yr in Feb to Kidney failure and another cat,14 1/2yrs old this past June to Immune disease which turn into Liver cancer. I don't have any children because I didn't care to. But it's common for families (so I'm told) that a parent will favor one of their children more than the others - if they are honest. And that's ok, but I can honestly say that I couldn't favor one over the other. I talk and laugh about my Rameses and than switch over to my Beaucoup and talk about how he gave me a run for my money.Smile
    It's been 8 months since the 1st lose and I still have some- not so good days. Will never forget them plus they have renewed my memory of my other pets. They are truly something to be treasured. I have one more with me, and she is well - for now! God's gift to humans


    10/30/2009 5:48:51 AM |


  • Laura

    10/30/2009 6:44:34 AM |

    @ Animallover-Jan Ault:

    Amen sister!!! Good for you for what you are doing and please keep up the good work.

  • Susan

    10/30/2009 8:19:48 AM |

    I have 3 older "girls" - 18, 17, and 15 yo cats.
    I know the day will come when I will lose them all, perhaps quite close together given their ages.  I have had them their entire life - I'm their Mom and they are my "kids".  I will mourn each one of them as they are each unique and have made a special mark on my life.

  • Jerry

    10/30/2009 10:43:20 AM |

    It has been almost two years since my beloved cat Snapper passed away. Next to the loss of my parents nothing has has hurt as bad and still does.

  • Dida Blair

    10/30/2009 1:57:00 PM |

    Tomorrow going to be 1 week there a lost my baby Bandit, HE was a Lab Shepperd, the best dog I ever had,He loved me a lot and a still love Him so much,He died in my arms,and I can't take that image out of my head.I missing Him so much! He was 8 years old He had cancer.
    Its true is very painful,I understand all woo lost there pets.
    I cried every day,

  • Laura Crawford

    10/30/2009 2:47:53 PM |

    Pets Rule! Thanx for putting such quality into this food, as far as losing our little loves- I think they enter our lives to give us hope and show us how love is supposed to work. I miss all my animals all thru my life-horses, DOGS, guinea pigs and even a couple cats... thanks for everything they've made me- I hope they still like me! I am still learning and am trying to keep my current dogs with me as long as I selfishly can- I count on your food to help us there! If you know someone who has lost a pet- send a sympathy card- it helps.      Laura  "Ruby"&"Lily"

  • CATherine

    10/30/2009 3:25:57 PM |

    Thank you.
    My 'Eli' - a BIG and beautiful pure black cat died within the past 5 weeks at only 11.5 years young. Sudden it was, and I was in shock. Though having been one who has enjoyed a cat 'family' for many years, no member had ever had such a defined personality that was one full of love AND intelligence. This dear boy can never be replaced and my life has such an emptiness without him here any longer. Yes, my other three felines are very dear.. but there is one important personality missing from that crowd.
    Thank you for this article.. so very timely.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    CATherine ... Cynthia ~ Oreo ~ Goldie

  • Keith

    10/30/2009 7:07:52 PM |

    During my childhood, I always had a dog, two ran away and one died of cancer.  Anyhow, I went for a long period without having a dog; however, one day a cute black lab puppy wandered onto the farm and he absolutley stole my heart.  A short 11 months later he died of Parvo.  Two months later decided to get another black lab for a Christmas persent.  Tragically, like the other lab he didn't reach his first birthday ( he wandered off with a couple of dogs and was either hit by a car and or wandered around in a corn field until he died of thirst perhaps both).  Next to my mother's death, it was the hardest thing for me to get over.  Though, I loved the first lab a bit more than the second still it was very hard to get over the loss of those two dogs. In fact, it still hurts when I think how both dogs died so young.  Luckily, a yellow lab named Sara has entered my life, which is the very reason that I decided to get your dog food.  

  • Nancy

    10/30/2009 7:22:23 PM |

    "I recently lost my cat of 15 years. She was my best friend and it has been very hard. Its been a little over a month now yet it feels like its been only a week. I hope the best for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved pet, and hope they are hanging in there, just like the pet would want.

    Jamie, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  I know that pain.  I lost my Siamese, Tuptim, in April and I was in tears everyday.  A lost cat made his way into my yard and my home and he was a great comfort.  I also brought a Siamese kitten home a couple of months later and the two of them have helped me so much.  It's not just "time" that heals all wounds.  I really believe that the best comfort is taking care of and loving another animal.  I don't know if you were owned by more than one kitty but if Ashes was your only fur baby, I think it will really help you if you can open your heart to another.  One cat doesn't replace another since all of us animal lovers know that like humans, each cat and dog has his or her own personality and soul.  But, each comes with unconditional love and support and it's the kind of comfort that we only seem to get from our furry kids.

    My heart goes out to all of you who have lost an animal and are still grieving.  This was a great article.  We wouldn't think twice about sending a sympathy card to someone who has lost a human loved one but many don't think of doing the same for someone who has lost an animal.  Thanks to Laura Crawford for suggesting it.

  • Sims

    10/30/2009 10:34:06 PM |

    My cat named Clawdette was a Manx cat the pasted away July 13th, 2008 from hyperthyroidism and she was 15 human years old when the end came at the Emergency Animal Hospital here in Savannah, GA. on a Sunday afternoon. She was demanding, my personal alarm clock every day, bossy, won't take no for an answer, stick to me like clue and aways glad to see me when I've gone away all day to work, shop etc... . there are times I didn't want her around me, cooking in the kitchen was one as she would jump on my shoulder from the ground up and a painful needle like claws making me bleed. The great times are the lovey dovey times of purrring in my ear, being on my shoulder after so meny band-aides, playing cat games, yup, those where the the days of pure joy. I found her as a kitten one day and lured her with milk she didn't touch, water she loved, American cheese singles she loved, ham and small dog dry food for 3 days til I got a hold on her. she was coverd in fleas. I had a small dog at the time and had flea shampoo and took her for a bath in the bathroom sink every carefully and must have found over 200 fleas on her. She was just a ball of fur, skin and bones with fleas! After about 9 months having her we got her to the vet for kitten wellness visits with shots and did everything to make sure she was healthy. About a year old we had her fixed. Toys and food and play time count for being a part of the family. When you take a lot of time to raise a pet, any pet with loving care, they are then family members and would not sale our pets like toys, no, no. They are our children and then they are our grand parents in such a short time. I still miss my little one. Time heals everything, yes it does and time is different for everyone. I know somewhere she is happy in what ever cat heaven there has to be out there somewhere or waiting for me to join her one day. I will never forget her and will love and miss her always.

  • Sirrell

    10/30/2009 10:37:29 PM |

    My little Gabby passed Sept 2nd from Cancer.  She just turned 11 yrs.  She went everywhere with me even to work.  I miss her so much I can't hardly stand it.  She was the very best part of me, my reason for living actually..Its so lonely without her.  Part of me wants another dog to love, the other part is not ready.. but the crying several times a day...wonder when it'll stop and not hurt so bad.  She was my angel, Gods gift to me.. I've always thought...I must have done something good in this life for God to give me Gabby..
    Gabby I love you and miss you so much...
    Thank you for the helps

  • Shelleye Allen

    10/31/2009 12:18:35 AM |

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I guess it was fate that made me actually read my emails tonight. Two weeks ago I had to put my 18 yr old maine coon kitty 'Garbo' down  and I'm having a really hard time coping, My heart hurts I miss her so much. I got her when she was only 4 weeks old and she was the most fantastic kitten ever and I feel blessed to have been her human. I try to take comfort in knowing she couldn't have had a better life than she had with me as she was immensely spoiled but also immensely loved.  I also know that the quality of the food and vitamins I got here contributed to the long happy life she had. I know in my heart I will never get another cat, no one can replace Garbo, but in a cpl of months after I've stopped crying I plan on inviting a new puppy into my life.

    Treasure the source of your joy.

  • P.L. Reeves

    10/31/2009 1:09:34 PM |

    Thank you for a wonderful, comforting article!

  • Sheryl

    11/2/2009 2:52:40 AM |

    As always my good friend emailed me this blog. We have been through animal buddy losses with
    her. But now it was my time. After nearly 14 years I had to put my Sara Pom down. This was a month
    ago it seems. I was very depressed for a couple of weeks. I'm coming out of it a bit.
    I am able to look at her pictures now. My daughter has the same Pom breed and I visited with
    them and cuddled and played with her dog.....good feeling.
    One day another one will "find me"!

  • Patti

    11/2/2009 6:12:20 AM |

    I had a scare yesterday with my senior dog, Bandit, and thought I was going to lose him. I am trying to prepare myself for when I have to let him go - I don't want him to suffer but also can't imagine him dying in my arms....he has been with me for 9 1/2 years, has been a wonderful companion and is loved very, very much. I rescued him - he was a stray so they were not sure of his age - he is between 13-15, I'm guessing. I recently took in a Yorkie, Sully, who is now 1 year old. I hope he can help me through the sadness....I know Dr. Jane's food has given Bandit a excellent quality of life and I recommend it to many clients at our grooming shop!

  • Sherry

    11/2/2009 8:01:06 AM |

    Our Zoe was 17. Although she'd been diagnosed with kidney failure, the special diet and subcutaneous fluid treatments were working well, and she was enjoying a good quality of life for a cat her age.  Very suddenly, she threw up one morning and went to hide under the bed. Not unusual for her, so we let her alone. But after 2 days, we took her to the vet. She hadn't eaten, and she'd even peed in her hiding spot, too weak to go to the litter box. This was not like her at all!
    After many tests and x-rays, it was discovered that she had a huge gallstone and fatty liver deposits. Even with IV fluids at the animal hospital, she was not eating and extremely weak after several days without food. I'd had her from a kitten, but it seemed to me that she was saying, "I'm ready to go."  It was a very difficult decision to "let her go," but we wanted to do what was best for her. The vet euthanized her as she lay in my arms, all the while being petted and told, "It's OK, Zoe."
    This was over 3 months ago, and I still cry as I write this.
    It's never easy to have a pet euthanized; I've done it with 3 previous pets who got old and sick. What made this so difficult was how suddenly it came on. One day she was fine; the next, she "fell off a cliff," as my husband put it. Even now we have trouble reconciling that in our minds, and we choke up when we talk about her.
    A couple of things I might add to the article about grieving: expect to second-guess yourself. (Was there anything else I could have done? Should I have seen it coming? Did I do the right thing?)And if you have other pets, expect that they may grieve, too. Our other cat kept looking for Zoe. All she knew was that we took Zoe away and didn't bring her back. I think she also grieved in her own way. She would eat and then go back under the bed.
    Eventually we adopted a young cat from the SPCA shelter, and while she has brought new joy into all our lives, there will never be another Zoe. I would say, embrace your grief. Your pet was like a child, dependent on you for everything; your grief is a tribute to how much she or he meant to you.

  • Irene

    11/3/2009 10:55:18 AM |

    Thank you a for your comments; however the pain is still there.  I recently lost two dog pets...wonderful companions & show animals.  One was a 16 year old Schipperke, which I raised.  The other a 7 year old Australian Shepherd.  The Skip died from natural causes from kennel cough then heart failure.  The Aussie had performed just two weeks prior, garnered many blue ribbons and titles, then died suddenly of Autoimmune desease, which I still don't understand.  Had him cremated and he will always be with me.  
    The skip was burried on a hill overlooking our property & has a special memorial.  I lost both of them within the same month...Am still grieving

  • Deb

    11/3/2009 2:14:02 PM |

    We are losing our 1 year old ST.Bernard to hip dysplasia.He had surgery when he was 7 months on both hips.He was doing ok for several months but has taken a turn for the worse as his bone marrow is depleting in his front legs now. So he limps on the front legs. He is on pain meds 3 pills 2xs a day. He is such a commical,loving caring doq.Its so hard to watch him limp around when he tries to walk but he is happy just laying around the house or garage,eating like a horse and enjoying his belly rubs. He still has a sparkel in his eye until he loses that and we have to carry him we will do all we can for him.He has taught us so much about life.

  • Tonia

    11/5/2009 1:31:32 PM |

    This year I lost my senior dog Holly and two weeks ago we lost our cat Flip to Kidney failure-The loss of his presence is the most painful for me. I keep thinking he will be there when I get home and he never appears because he's gone. I just really miss him.

  • Tonia

    11/5/2009 1:44:01 PM |

    Tonia ha scritto:
    [cite]This year I lost my senior dog Holly and two weeks ago we lost our cat Flip to Kidney failure-The loss of his presence is the most painful for me. I keep thinking he will be there when I get home and he never appears because he's gone. I just really miss him. [/cite]@ Sherry:

    @ Sherry:

    Thanks for sharing you kitty's story-we recently lost our cat Flip to kidney failure-I did fluids and home medical care too-(I have a degree in Animal Care) he was doing very well for about 3 years and suddenly two weeks ago-the same thing as your story he stopped being able to stand, was in so much pain, and passed away in our arms at the vet-It was so fast! It's so sad and it hurts so much to lose them, I think there comes a time when the kidney just stops functioning no matter what you try to do to help. Hang In There,

  • Tonia

    11/5/2009 1:44:52 PM |

    @ Patti:

    I love your dogs picture-it's so cute! It looks like it could be on a pet magazine!

  • Lois

    11/12/2009 6:11:29 PM |

    Thank you for this article, I felt as though you were speaking directly to me.  I also recently lost our Jazzy, 14 yr old English Springer Spaniel. Wow, we obiviously knew the day would come, but we were not prepared for her to pass with a sudden and fatal death from "Bloat". It was the the most sad & difficult days I can ever remember, and I am almost 50. We came up with many special ways to go through the grieving proccess and ways of memorializing Each of our family members came up with something different to memorialize her.  I used a small amount of her ashes and had a custom wind chime made that hangs right outside my kitchen window and when it blows she sings to me. For one month, Our dining room table was a memorial, each of gathered bits and pieces of something ( photos, dishes, blankets, her tags), that we shared with Jazz.  I framed a piece of her beautiful hair in this frame that says "Sweet Dreams". Our daughter created a  letter and decorted each one with a picture of Jazzy and her name uniquely on each and every one, she made one for each of us to write our special memory. It was fantastic. At her memorial service 4 weeks after she passed, each of us read to her and thanked her. then each of us sprinkled wild flowers around her marker and head stone (where the remaing ashes of her body lay)that was  also created so beautiully for her. We hung her wind chime and finally I can accept that she really isn't coming back.  For all the saddness we felt and still do, we will always feel an emptiness, but it was worth all the happiness she gave us for 14 years. We took our time to grieve, we laughed and cried.  So thanks, Sincerely.  I will always be Jazzy mom. And yes, I miss her. I also want you to know the day after we had Jazzy's memorial, I brought home a precious 9 month old Yorkie, her name is Gabby. Gabby was changing positions on my lap and then in a blink of an eye, fell off my lap and hit the floor, I couldn't catch her, she hit her tiny little head and I lost her too. Saddness is beyond what I feel.  Today is November 12th and I am so sad, but I know with time and me forgiving myself, I'll be ok.  I know Jazzy and Gabby are together. I don't understand why, I will never believe that this horrible accident happened and I will never accept that it "happened for a reason" This wasn't suspose to happen. I hope they are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Gretchen

    11/16/2009 8:50:55 AM |

    @ Deb:I am so sorry to hear about your St.Bernard.  So young to have so many problems.  I have three cats, two are geriatric, my oldest is 16 and has had lymphoma for almost a year and my other is 14 and has chronic renal failure.  My third and newest kitty is almost 8 years old and is healthy.  I got all of them from previous owners. I have had many times where my oldest kitties have become very sick and I've been told to think about euthanasia but I have fought to be their advocates.  I will never give up until they do.  I have found a great source of support and help from an Australian animal homeopath Dr. Diana Hayes,  She has helped me through many a crisis when my vets have given up and I credit her for keeping my Shadow and Chloe with me this long.  There is more than traditional medicine, try everything.  Never give up until you have to.  Leave no stone unturned, no regrets.  I have lost two cats previously, one to kidney failure and one to coyotes.  With time the pain eases and I remember the good times more than the bad.  I dont look forward to making the final decision for my kitties but when I do I will let the grieving process happen, for as long as it takes, and, with time, I will love another kitty again. They complete me and I cant imagine living without another warm furry soul.

  • Shelia

    12/15/2009 5:53:47 PM |

    I lost my bestest friend in the whole wide world on May 31, 2009. She turned 11 years old on May 28, 2009. She was an Alaskan Malamute named Sheba and we did EVERYTHING together. I never went ANYWHERE without her. I'm still in the depressing mopping mood. I currently have 1 cat, 1 chihuahua, 2 pugs, 3 chinchillas, 4 bunnies, and 4 baby bunnies. I went a little animal crazy after losing Sheba. I thought it would ease my grieving, but I can't seem to love any of my other pets like I did her. I still show them unconditional love, as they do me, but my heart still feels empty. Sheba is buried in our backyard in her favorite shaded corner. The vet said she died of old age and arthritis, but I think there was something else wrong with her. She had a lump on her stomach, but the vet said it was fatty tissue because it didn't bother her. A couple days after the vet visit (May 29, 2009) I awoke to find her passed away beside my computer desk where she always laid while I was working. I cried for days, longer and harder than I ever did after any persons funeral. I'm slowly getting over the grieving process. I'm still not able to look at her pictures, but I think about her non-stop. When I am able to look at her pictures, my children and I would like to make a memory photo book and scrapbook. My children talk about memories all the time! Seem's their doing better than I am.

  • Valerie

    1/19/2010 6:46:36 AM |

    @ Marie:

    I can definitely relate.In Mar. 2009 I lost my cat (Spirit) to cancer. He was only 10 yrs. old. Then 3 days later I lost my 3 dogs (Buddy, Dude & Grace) to a fire. Buddy & Dude were 5 yrs. old and Grace was only 8 months old. I can't stop crying.I never got to say good bye to my dogs.A lady that recues dogs was taking care of them so I could really take care of my cat 24/7.In fact I adopted Buddy from her & Buddy was born there and now died there. I still have so much pain,I don't think I'll ever really recover. That was my whole family!!! I do have a new family (3 dogs & 2 cats) but it just isn't the same. The pain just won't go away.

  • Valerie

    1/19/2010 7:21:02 AM |

    Marie ha scritto:
    [cite]This article is great it pin points what you really go thru and how to handle it.

    I know because I lost two dogs and one cat in a 7 mth. period all to cancer. There ages ranged from 13 to 18 years old. I still miss them.[/cite]

  • Valerie

    1/19/2010 8:01:50 AM |

    I lost my cat (Spirit) to cancer back in March 2009. Three days later my 3 dogs (Buddy,Dude & Grace) died in a fire.I adopted Buddy from this lady and we always kept in touch.She always told me if I needed some time she could take care of my dogs.Well I wanted to reduce the stress for Spirit.Take care of him 24/7 so I brought my dogs to the lady's place not knowing that that would be the last time I ever saw them. It just breaks my heart. I can't stop crying.The pain won't go away. Spirit was 10 yrs.old,Buddy & Dude were 5 yrs. old & Grace was only 8 months old. That was my whole family!!!!  Now I adopted 3 dogs and 2 cats but the bond just doesn't seem to be there.They know that I am grieving.Will it ever stop hurting.        


  • Cathy

    3/25/2010 12:43:43 PM |

    I just lost my beloved cat Smokey 2 days ago.  She was almost 17 years old and I've had her since she was 5 months old.  As I never had children of my own, Smokey was truly my baby.  She had a few health problems in recent months, but only a few days before she passed her blood work came back much improved so I had hope that I mgiht enjoy her company for a little longer.  Unfortunately, her heart gave out while we were at the vet's office for an appointment.  I am in total shock.  I had lost another cat to kidney failure a year and a half ago.  I don't know if I'll ever adopt another pet, the pain of losing them is just too much.  

  • Maynard Polek

    9/29/2011 7:50:30 AM |

    Great work, keep up the great website.

  • Sharla Schillings

    5/24/2012 9:35:34 PM |

    I lost my mini-dachshund eleven days ago. It was the hardest thing I have ever went through in all my 60 years, and I've been through plenty. It took 6 days of her throwing up and me trying everything to save her before she bled out and died. Her stomach had disintegrated, they said into what looked like coffee grounds.Noone knew what was wrong. The last vet said she thought it was "hemorrhagic gastroenteritis" but she had been able to save other dogs that had had it. The first vet said I didn't have enough money to try to save her, though I had told him I would have it in two weeks, he just didn't care. I would have paid him dearly for the rest of my life, tho', if he would have saved her, for I loved her more than I have ever loved anyone or anything. She was only one and a half years old, named Tootsie. I cannot stop hearing her painful little baby cry-outs as she died, and my tears spill every day.

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