25 Years Strong: The Culture That Built Life’s Abundance

25 Years Strong: The Culture That Built Life’s Abundance

Life's Abundance

With company-sponsored Volunteer Time Off, Life’s Abundance staff in Jupiter, FL contribute to Hope on Wheels.

Did you know that Life’s Abundance is more than just a brand name on a label? That’s right - we’re a bunch of passionate folks who've been formulating, packaging, and paving our way to a healthier world for humans and pets for 25 years! That's a lot of birthdays, treats for your furry friends, and premium health products - delivered right to your door.

But this anniversary celebration isn’t about the balloons and confetti. What really gets us out of bed in the morning is the culture we’ve cultivated here. It's the secret sauce in our recipe for making a positive impact.

We’re excited to share the inside scoop on what makes our world go ‘round. Find out what makes Life’s Abundance's award-winning culture, and join us on our journey to a brighter future.

The 3 Pillars of Life’s Abundance Culture

In our ever-evolving corporate landscape, a rich company culture is essential. At Life's Abundance, we've crafted a culture where talent thrives.

We’re driven by:

  1. Empathy. Central to our ethos, we prioritize open communication and diversity, fostering a space where everyone feels valued and included.
  2. Evergreen. We champion growth and longevity. Embracing continuous learning and a long-term vision, we aspire to create a lasting, sustainable impact.
  3. Energy. Our workplace buzzes with positivity and collaboration. Celebrating achievements and nurturing leadership, we inspire our team to innovate with enthusiasm.

Built on these guiding principles, Life’s Abundance ensures every individual has an opportunity to shine, allowing us to create sustainable and measurable success.

Beyond our business and products, we also have a heartfelt commitment to our community, and our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative further embodies this. Through VTO, we empower our employees to contribute to their local community. This not only amplifies a sense of purpose but also strengthens our shared identity.

Life’s Abundance & Employee Ownership

Since 2012, Life’s Abundance has flourished as a 100% employee-owned company with the core purpose of empowering both people and pets to lead healthier, happier lives. At the heart of this empowerment is the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), a unique benefit that allows every team member, from warehouse staff to executives, to own a piece of the company they help grow.

The decision to adopt an ESOP structure sprouted during a time when company leaders were nearing retirement, and the company needed to reinforce its ability to last for years to come. The leadership team saw ESOP as a means to not only safeguard the company's purpose and values but also to reinforce its people-first culture.

For consumers, this ownership model translates to an unmatched customer service experience. When you communicate with Life’s Abundance, you're interacting with employees and engaging with passionate owners dedicated to serving you.

Our employees, on the other hand, reap a myriad of benefits:

  • Financially, ESOP acts as a retirement plan.
  • Culturally, employee ownership nurtures a tight-knit community.
  • Professionally, it fosters creativity and drive, enhancing individual and collective performance.

Such a structure, where employees are vested owners, results in a win-win for the company and its staff - plus, it enriches customer interactions! Through this shared purpose and passion, Life’s Abundance aims to make a significant impact, underlining the principle that employee ownership is both fun and transformative.

Furry Friends: Our Partner in Saving Animal Lives

When you shop at Life’s Abundance, you're not just buying a product; you're making a heartfelt impact. Every purchase supports The Dr. Jane Foundation, championing the welfare of vulnerable animals in the U.S. One of our proudest collaborations is with Furry Friends in Jupiter, Florida. They're not just a non-profit - they're a lifeline for countless animals.

Furry Friends' mission includes:

  • Rescue
  • Medical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Rehoming

What's particularly exciting is our support for their unique transport program, called Hope On Wheels. This special service boasts one of Florida's only fully-equipped rescue buses, capable of moving over 100 animals in a single journey. The bus plays a pivotal role, especially during crises.

For instance, when Hurricane Ian struck in September 2022, Furry Friends' bus was on the frontlines.

  • They transported 35 animals to Chicago, alleviating local shelters post-hurricane.
  • They moved over 100 animals from Florida’s storm-hit southwest coast to safe shelters nationwide.
  • An additional 50 pets were relocated from storm zones to secure shelters across the south and midwest.

In under a year, thanks to Hope On Wheels, over 350 animals found safety, many of them Hurricane Ian survivors. With over 1,000 animals benefitting already since the program began, Furry Friends is actively expanding their outreach, and Life’s Abundance is right beside them in this mission.

Life's Abundance

Through TREES, Life’s Abundance actively aids and their families in Senegal by combining environmental protection with skill-building.

Why We Plant Trees in Africa

Trees for the Future (TREES) is a remarkable non-profit, championing sustainable ecosystems through agroforestry. Agroforestry is the practice of combining trees with food crops on the same land so it benefits both the environment and farmers. Our shared vision is simple: a sustainable planet.

Since our partnership, we have planted over 1 million trees. This approach seamlessly melds tree planting with agricultural training, revitalizing lands, bolstering local nutrition, and fostering sustainable income. To put it simply: through TREES, we’re actively aiding farmers and their families in Senegal by intertwining environmental protection with skill-building.

The benefits of agroforestry are:

  • Environmental: Trees combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. Additionally, they rejuvenate degraded lands, prevent soil erosion, and enhance water quality.
  • Social: Beyond eco-benefits, the agroforestry model has profound social ramifications. It aids in poverty alleviation, farmer empowerment (over 30% of whom are women), food security, and community strengthening.
  • Economic: Beyond their ecological role, trees are economic assets. They provide resources like timber and fruits, generate employment, and uplift the financial health of communities.

Supporting Life's Abundance means joining this effort. Every skin care purchase plants a tree, symbolizing our commitment to biodiversity and our planet's future. So, as you embrace eco-conscious choices, remember you're not just investing in premium products, but a greener tomorrow. Let's co-create a sustainable future!

Brighter Days Ahead: Our Eco-Future

As the sun graces us with its radiant beams, we're so happy to channel its power using solar panels at our headquarters in Jupiter, FL. Our love for the environment isn't just about harnessing solar energy, though.

We’re on a journey to become carbon negative, which means extracting more carbon dioxide than we release. It's an ambitious venture, but with our strategic plans, we're set to reach this goal in just two short years by:

  • Digitizing our operations to curb paper use.
  • Adopting intelligent shipping methods.
  • Saying goodbye to plastic bubble wrap.
  • Minimizing energy and water use across our facilities.

We're also making strides in offsetting our carbon footprint, from our headquarters to our warehouse locations. But our vision stretches further. Soon, we'll be countering the carbon output of every employee's daily commute, all our shipments, and even our annual convention!

  • Our projects have offset an astonishing 21 million pounds of CO2. (That’s equivalent to 4 million 4th of July barbecue parties, assuming each party uses a 15-serving propane grill.)
  • Our solar panels save approximately 100,000 pounds of CO2 annually. This effort ensures that our entire building operates on solar power, even for tasks such as warehousing.

This CO2 sequestration number is expanding yearly due to our tree-planting initiatives.

Award-Winning Culture & Values

Back in 2019, Life’s Abundance was honored with the prestigious Forbes Small Giants award. Reflecting on that recognition, even in 2023, brings immense pride. The accolade, given to select privately-held companies, celebrates businesses that value excellence and commitment to greatness over expansion.

Several key factors contributed to this distinction:

  • Stellar Customer Service: Life’s Abundance has consistently prioritized its customers, delivering exceptional service and ensuring their needs are met with the highest quality products.
  • Product Excellence: Life’s Abundance has an unblemished record since its inception, and stringent safety protocols and quick-notification practices are in place. This speaks volumes about our dedication to product safety and quality assurance.
  • Unique Business Model: This allows us to control distribution, producing in smaller batches for optimal condition and quality, and steering clear of large retailers and mega e-commerce platforms. Our approach also deviates from traditional network marketing structures. We have no quotas, ensuring genuine customer loyalty.
  • Community Impact: Our sense of purpose extends beyond business metrics. We're committed to meaningful employment, community engagement, and charitable endeavors.

Though the award was in 2019, the sentiment remains relevant today: being a Small Giant underscores our mission of impactful and responsible business. As we progress, we continue to cherish and uphold the values that made us a Forbes Small Giant, ensuring Life’s Abundance remains synonymous with quality, trust, and community.

The Next Chapter

As we pass this milestone and look toward our continued journey, it's clear that Life’s Abundance is more than just a company; it's a movement propelled by passion, purpose, and unparalleled commitment. The past 25 years have been monumental, but the future is even brighter.

Our foundation, built on empathy, sustainability, and collaboration, remains strong, and as we continue to embrace new horizons, we invite you, our cherished community, to join us. Whether it's by supporting our eco-initiatives, celebrating our accolades, or simply choosing to be a part of the Life’s Abundance family, your role is invaluable.

Together, let's continue to champion a world where both people and pets thrive, where communities flourish, and where our planet is nurtured for generations to come. Thank you for being a part of our story, and here's to the countless chapters yet to be written!

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