Why Do Dogs Chew? How Bully Sticks Can Help

Why Do Dogs Chew? How Bully Sticks Can Help

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Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, especially puppies, and helps them relax.

Humans are creatures of habit. Whether you’re sipping your gourmet coffee while catching up on the latest news or tending to your garden on the weekends, you have rituals. And your furry pals are no different. Their chewing habits might involve mistaking your couch cushions for a new, exciting snack, especially if they're enthusiastic chewers! But there’s more to the gnawing madness - it’s their natural instinct.

Here we share exactly why your pup loves to chew and how you can redirect that playful nibbling to healthier alternatives. Plus, we'll introduce you to the unsung hero of canine entertainment that doubles as a dental health superstar (and your home decor’s savior). Sink your teeth into that!

Why Do Dogs Chew?

Every dog owner knows what that intense stare on your shoes or the corner of your couch means. Your pup is signaling their next chewy adventure is about to begin. Understanding why your dog has a knack for ripping things up can help curb their enthusiasm for destruction.

Here's why chewing is your dog’s favorite pastime:

  1. Natural behavior: Puppies chew during teething and explore their world with their mouths (a lot like human babies). Older dogs chew to maintain jaw strength. Plus, your dog’s ancestor, the wolf, feeds on larger food items that require chewing and chomping. So it’s no surprise that dog food served in bowls can’t truly satisfy their basic motivation to gnaw. It’s just not enough.
  2. Stress relief: Chewing helps them relax, kind of like how some of us enjoy cooking after a long day.
  3. Mental stimulation: Chewing is like solving a puzzle for dogs. It keeps them entertained and engaged.

Fortunately, research shows that long-lasting chews not only keep them busy, * they also soothe their loneliness while you’re away, beating out electronic treat dispensers. [1] It's wonderful to know you have options that both entertain and comfort your pets, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

*Results vary based on your dog's size, age and breed.

Life's Abundance

Life’s Abundance Pork Bully Sticks were created to give your pup a healthy alternative to chewing your belongings.

Bully Sticks: Nature’s Toothbrush

The most significant benefit chewing provides dogs is dental health. It helps remove tartar, ensuring a bright canine smile. That’s where our bully sticks come in!

If your dog is the gourmet type who appreciates the finer things in life, then our Water Buffalo Bully Sticks are just the treat. Sourced from free-range, grass-fed water buffalos, these chews are:

  • Effective in reducing tartar.
  • A great alternative to rawhide.
  • Gentle on sensitive tummies.

For pet owners with petite pooches or young puppies, our Pork Bully Sticks are a match made in heaven. Made with one ingredient and multiple benefits, these bully sticks are:

  • Perfectly sized for smaller jaws.
  • Effective in maintaining dental health.
  • A great way to introduce wholesome pork into their diet.

As always, our treats are made with no artificial ingredients - only the good stuff. These bully sticks for dogs are entertainment and health rolled into one! Besides keeping your shoes safe, these sticks also promise to keep your dog's dental health in tip-top shape.

Chew On This: Prevention is Key

While many believe young pups don’t need dental care, it's like saying kiddos don't need to brush their teeth. Introducing dental care early can make a world of difference.

Even if your dog's teeth look pearly white and clean, studies show that 80-90% of dogs over the age of three have some component of periodontal disease. [2] It's worse in smaller breeds and the chances increase with age. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is usually not recognized until it’s advanced.

Investing in your dog’s dental health is more than a choice - it's a commitment. And with our bully sticks, it’s also a treat. Your dog gets the fun and you get the peace of mind. Win-win! So why wait? Give them a chew they'll love and watch them flash that healthy, bright smile back at you for years to come.

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