Saving Pets, One Bus Ride at a Time

Saving Pets, One Bus Ride at a Time

Life's Abundance

Life’s Abundance staff in Jupiter, Fl contribute to Hope on Wheels with volunteering their time.

Do you ever imagine swooping in to save the day for animals in need? You’re fighting the bad guys, like disease and hunger, and rescuing innocent animals from life-threatening situations. Welcome to the heroic world of animal rescue, where everyday superheroes put on their capes and advocate for the precious lives of pets!

The best part? You’re part of the squad. That’s because financial support for these missions come from a mix of Life’s Abundance profits, employee-owner payroll contributions, and customers like you who donate with their orders. Superhero status, achieved!

So buckle up, animal lovers, and put on your superhero cape. You’re about to learn how we save pets’ lives, one bus ride at a time by transporting animals to shelters with more room to spare. Also learn how you can actively participate in this noble mission with Furry Friends Animal Rescue in Jupiter, Florida.

Making Room for More Love: Hope on Wheels

Did you know more than 6 million animals enter animal shelters across the US every year? [1] Unfortunately, finding enough room for these furry friends has been a battle against the odds. Overcrowded shelters and an influx of animals have made the mission of saving pets’ lives a tough challenge.

Fortunately, there are extraordinary programs out there performing miracles and taking care of animals. In fact, there are around 14,000 shelters and rescue groups in the US that house these animals - but sometimes there’s still not enough space for every animal in need.

We’re hopeful though. Innovative solutions are emerging, turning this uphill battle into a journey of hope. One of these amazing programs is Hope on Wheels, the transportation arm of Furry Friends Animal Rescue. Hope on Wheels provides transportation from point A to point B, taking animals to new locations that have more space for cats and dogs to thrive.

Since its beginnings a year and a half ago, Hope on Wheels has successfully relocated over 300 animals - with more to come! They have teamed up with another rescue organization in Pennsylvania that has five animal shelters, plenty of room for more wagging tails and purring pals. In the new shelters, these sweet animals are greeted with open arms, tender care, and the space they need to be happy and healthy.

The animals rescued by Hope on Wheels usually find their new families within a week of arriving in Pennsylvania. This partnership is a perfect example of how transportation programs like this are creating new possibilities to save dogs and cats. Plus, transporting animals from high-risk situations to safe havens not only saves lives, but also alleviates pressure on overcrowded facilities.

Life's Abundance

Inside the Hope on Wheels bus, cats and dogs are safely and lovingly transported to new homes with more space for them to thrive.

76 Cats and Kittens Rescued with Hope on Wheels

Here’s a heart-melter for you: Hope on Wheels recently arranged a journey for 76 cats and kittens to their new beginnings. Among these feline passengers were two nursing mamas who finally received the special foster care they deserve. Many of these cats hailed from Collier County on the west coast of Florida, an area hit hard by Hurricane Ian in 2022.

The shelters in Collier County were overwhelmed, housing 3.5 times the number of kitties they could manage. In these tough times, Hope on Wheels swooped in, helping save animal lives, giving these vulnerable critters the essential care they deserve. The rest of the whiskered travelers came from Miami-Dade County, where their futures were also hanging in the balance after this devastating hurricane.

It’s surprising to hear some of these cats had been waiting for a permanent home since they were little balls of fluff. And now, at six months old, they were finally en route to their dream come true - a permanent home. This success story shows how powerful teamwork can be and how giving animals a second shot at happiness makes all the difference in finding their furr-ever homes.

But wait, there's more! For 2023, the program’s overall goal is to average more than one transportation trip a month - that’s 14 trips total for 2023. Plans are already rolling for the next kitty caravan, aiming to move 110 cats and kittens. They’re also gearing up for a doggy-only transport, widening their life-saving circle even further.

It’s exciting to know that as we move forward, we continue to find new ways to expand our reach. Each initiative brings us one step closer to a world where every pet has a home and love awaits them at every turn.

Partners in Animal Welfare: You, Life’s Abundance and The Dr. Jane Foundation

None of this would be possible without the love and support from The Dr. Jane Foundation, which funds Hope on Wheels, and the generous hearts at Life's Abundance (both customers and employees!). Their combined compassion, volunteer hours and commitment make Hope on Wheels' vital work possible.

How can you help? When you make a purchase from Life’s Abundance, a portion of your total directly funds the foundation. You can also contribute more at check out if you want to give more.

This story began with the realization that while some shelters are bursting at the seams, others have room to welcome more furry residents. By bridging this gap, we can give countless animals a second chance at life and offer a lifeline to animals in dire situations.

So let's applaud the tireless efforts of organizations like Hope on Wheels and the many others working to make a difference. This partnership proves that together, we can achieve amazing things and make a real difference in the lives of our most vulnerable four-legged friends. Not to mention, saving pets' lives one bus ride at a time is a mission we're proud to be a part of!

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