4th Of July And Pet Safety

4th Of July And Pet Safety

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During the 4th of July, be mindful of your pet’s surroundings to make sure they’re comfortable and safe.

Fire up the BBQ, pull out the games, and prepare for a dazzling fireworks grand finale. It’s the 4th of July! But wait, your pets don’t know what the 4th of July is all about. For them, it means more food than normal being dropped on the floor and then loud, thunderous bangs that start after the sun sets. Your pets hiding under the bed is their way of saying, “What the heck is going on around here?!”

Believe it or not, the day after the 4th of July is one of the busiest days for vets and animal shelters. Reasons range from:

  • Post-fireworks shock
  • Holiday food causing stomach problems
  • Exhaustion from a long day in the sun
  • Cunning escapes to get away from the noise

Yes, your pets face their own set of challenges this time of year. So let's make this 4th of July a blast for everyone – including our precious pals! Read on for our best tips to keep your dogs and cats healthy and happy during one of our favorite summer holidays.

Be Cautious With People Food

We all know the 4th of July means a scrumptious cookout on the grill, but let's remember: some foods just don't mix with our furry companions. Those delicious burgers, hot dogs, and ribs may have them drooling, but bones can wreak havoc on their digestive system. Sneaky raisins, chocolate, and onions are some other major culprits causing pet digestive problems – they're a big no-no for our furry pals!

So keep these tempting treats (and any alcoholic beverages) out of their reach – even when they’re giving you those puppy eyes. Also, monitor trash and other items they may find on the ground and be curious about.

Pro tip: While you’re flipping the burgers and brats, make sure to keep your dogs and cats away from the grill. They can be harmed by the heat, smoke or fuel.

When Possible, Keep Them Indoors

We understand your pets, especially the pups, love to roam and play outside. However, your best bet for pet safety on the 4th of July is to keep them inside. Cats and dogs both may experience anxiety as the party gets hopping and fireworks start popping.

If you leave them home during the show, ensure they have a cozy, escape-proof spot in your bedroom or a trusty crate. When kept in a quieter place inside, they won't bolt out of the yard and end up on an unexpected street adventure!

Also, remember that the sun is beaming this time of year and your pet can experience heat exhaustion and even sunburn. Be sure to leave them in a cool spot indoors with lots of water.

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With a little planning and extra care, your pets can have a great Independence Day too!

Provide a Distraction

If you’re leaving your pet at home, you should provide them with a distraction to help pass the time and ease their nerves. It might be surprising to find out what calms their anxiety. This could be anything from soothing music to leaving the TV on to drown out the loud noises outside - Lassie usually does the trick. Of course, you can never go wrong with a treat-dispensing toy filled with delicious, healthy dog or cat treats!

Check ID Tags And Keep Photos

In the worst-case scenario, let’s imagine your dog or cat does escape during the fireworks. it's essential to be prepared. Ensure your pet is easily identifiable and double-check they have their collar on with an accurate ID tag. Are they microchipped? Perfect! Just make sure all the information is up to date – your name, their name, your phone number, and your address.

For an extra layer of pet safety, look at recent photos you have of them and keep them on hand to show to local rescues and neighbors should your pet escape. This could include calling and visiting the local shelter and posting information about your missing pet on platforms such as Nextdoor and Facebook.

Have a Chat With Your Vet

Sometimes, no matter what we do to keep our pets calm, they still feel the stress. That's where the amazing expertise of our beloved vets comes into play! Consult your vet to find out if there is a solution, such as prescribed medications, that can help keep your pet at peace for the holiday.

If your furry friend is prone to anxiety, connect with your vet. They might have some paw-some solutions up their sleeve, like prescribed medications or natural supplements that can help keep your pet zen during the more action-packed holidays.

4th of July Pet Safety Tips For Cats

While we've focused on tips for dogs, let's not forget about our fabulous feline friends. Cats need special attention too, so here are some safety tips tailored just for them:

  1. Draw the curtains and dim the light. Block out those bright lights and create a cozy, calming atmosphere that cats need to feel safe.
  2. Ensure doors and windows are locked and cat-proof. Keep your curious kitties safe inside by ensuring all doors and windows are securely shut.
  3. Stay by their side. Your comforting presence can make a world of difference. Be there for your cat and let them know they're safe.
  4. Keep decorations out of reach. Tinsel, streamers, glow jewelry or sticks, and banners may seem enticing, but they can pose serious hazards to your curious kitty.

Now that you're armed with these bark-tastic pet safety tips, you and your furry friends can enjoy an unforgettable 4th of July together! With some precautions, a little planning, and lots of love, you'll ensure a stress-free holiday for your adorable companions. So go ahead, have a paw-some and safe Independence Day celebration!

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