What You Should Know About Grains In Pet Food

What You Should Know About Grains In Pet Food

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In recent years, there has been concern about using grains in pet foods as they’re sometimes seen as cheap fillers. Corn and wheat in particular are two grains that pet parents try to steer away from when looking at the ingredients. One of the issues is that they’re not particularly high in nutritional value and aren’t easily digestible. Of even greater concern, corn has caused multiple recalls of kibble due to increased levels of aflatoxin, which is a mold commonly present in this ingredient.

This has led consumers to look towards grain-free diets. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a grain-free food, grains are still an important part of your pet’s diet. Just like humans, our furry friends need a well rounded diet that consists of carbohydrates, high quality proteins, and healthy fats. One of the best carbohydrates that can be included in pet foods are whole grains such as brown rice.

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Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice is made from the entire grain with only the inedible outer husk removed. It’s not considered a cheap filler and is a great addition to dog and cat foods.

  • It contains seven minerals and five B vitamins which are essential for promoting heart health and metabolism.
  • Brown rice leaves some of the rice bran intact meaning it is a source of fiber. Fiber aids in your dog or cat’s digestive system and heart health. Not to mention it can also increase their energy levels!
  • Being a complex carb with over a 90% digestion rate, it burns slowly which helps to support their blood sugar levels for longer periods of time.
  • Brown rice keeps your pets feeling full so you can feel even better knowing it aids in your pet’s weight management.

At Life’s Abundance, we include brown rice in both our dog foods and cat foods, as it’s a healthy addition to their diet and provides them with sustained energy. And, you can take comfort knowing we routinely test for hazards such as arsenic in our foods so your dog or cat can live a long, happy and healthy life by your side!

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  • Ted Hoff

    3/30/2022 10:31:16 AM |

    I am so pleased with LifesAbundace dog food for my two Standard Poodles. They love it!

  • Steve Knudtson

    3/30/2022 12:21:18 PM |

    Question  We get your medium breed puppy food and since there has been a bit of conversation about copper in pet food recently, please tell me the portion of copper in our purchase from you.

  • Bryan Holt

    3/30/2022 1:16:30 PM |

    Pleased your article included a note that the brown rice cereal in the chow is checked for Arsenic as I have read several places to stay clear of brown rice because arsenic is often an issue with it.  I may reconsider such dog food then...

  • Halldora Betty Harbeintner

    3/30/2022 4:27:24 PM |

    I like information like this my customers need to hear it from the experts and not just coming from me Thank you for that Betty

  • Halldora Betty Harbeintner

    3/30/2022 4:46:43 PM |

    This is the best and the most Awesome Dog and Cat Food  I have found and the Vets tell me the Dogs have clear eyes and shine soft coat they look wonderful

  • Jeanne K Matott

    3/30/2022 10:01:37 PM |

    What temperature is your dog food processed at?

  • carole Terry

    4/1/2022 4:29:06 PM |

    thank you for telling me about the "Grains" in my pet Betty food, My Vets office told me to stop giving her food that still has grains.....I have talked to  you people when they said that & you told me that you have  Taurine  in the food and I know what that is and now reading what  you just sent me sounds really good.  I have never bought Betty some "old cheap" dog food at the grocery store....She has been eating Life Abundance since she was 3 months old .  She is healthy and a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel...Thank you for your note,
    Sincerely Carole... this is a new e-mail address. the old one was my husband and he has passed away....
    I just love my puppy Betty.  

  • Life's Abundance

    4/4/2022 12:11:44 PM |

    Our kibble goes through the cooking process of extrusion, rather than baking at high temperatures. We cook at lower temperatures of around 200 degrees and incorporate shorter cook times so we minimize the loss of ingredient-based vitamins and nutrients.

  • Life's Abundance

    4/4/2022 12:26:47 PM |

    Our Small/Medium Breed Puppy Food does contain 23.7 mg/kg of copper. Copper is a necessary part of a dog's diet as it plays a role in the formation of a dog’s bones, connective tissue, collagen, and myelin (the protective covering of nerves). Copper also helps the body absorb iron, making it an important part of red blood cell function.

  • Esther

    4/28/2022 3:17:20 AM |

    Is your food good for a cat that has stage 2 kidney failure? Is you food gluten free?

  • Life's Abundance

    4/29/2022 3:15:35 PM |

    We're sorry that your cat has kidney problems. Even though cats are meat eaters, any cat that has kidney disease must eat a meat-restricted diet. Phosphorous is damaging to the kidney and all meats and fish contain high amounts of phosphorous. Since our foods contain high levels of meat and fish, they are not appropriate for a cat with kidney disease.

    Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended for cats with kidney disease. Our Skin & Coat offers a palatable way to give a cat fish oil. The chewable capsules break up readily, you can even mix it with food. You can also use our ultra-pure Fish Oil, added a tiny amount into your cats food, increasing slowly.

    Last, Cornell Feline Health Center is one of the leading authorities on feline medicine. If you or your veterinarian calls 1-800-kittydr, they will discuss your cat’s case for a small fee.

    In addition, our cat food products do not include any gluten-containing ingredients. However, we do not test for gluten, and therefore do not make gluten-free claims.

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