Words Dogs Love To Hear The Most

Words Dogs Love To Hear The Most

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I think most of us dog parents can admit we will do just about anything to see our pup wag their tail at lightning speed or give us tons of those sweet, sloppy kisses. Turns out, it’s as easy as saying a simple word or two! A new study that surveyed 4,389 dogs reveals that there are certain words that they love to hear the most. These dogs varied within their breeds, ages, and sizes. Normally, a dog’s resting heart rate is at around 115 BPM. But with these *magic* words, their heart can race up to 156 BPM:

  1. Walkies: Coming in at #1 is the infamous “walkies.” Our furry friends absolutely love their daily walks with their heart rates beating at approximately 156 BPM whenever you say the word. That’s a 36% increase! By nature, dogs are active beings that aren’t used to staying indoors all day, so we can certainly understand their excitement when it’s time to go into the great outdoors!
  2. Dinner/food/eat: Obtaining food is an instinct for dogs, so it makes sense as to why this is their second favorite word. We’re sure you’ve probably seen your pup come racing around the corner when you pour their kibble in a bowl, so there’s no denying this one.
  3. Treat: Is it really any surprise that “treat” makes it on this list? At 151 BPM, we can all agree that getting a yummy snack is one of the many highlights of your pup’s day. With the savory ingredients in wholesome dog treats, it’s no wonder they can’t resist.

The fourth and fifth most excitable words are “get it” and “fetch.” These words tend to have a tasty award attached to them which is why our smart pups love to hear them. In this study, it also highlighted the least loved phrases which included “roll over” and “speak,” which do not usually have a treat attached to them. Check out the full list of beloved words below:

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We want to hear what words make your pup’s tail wag! Comment below!

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Comments (14) -


    4/13/2021 11:38:48 AM |

    this only reinforces what we have noticed with our own dogsanf what is more rewarding than having an energetic dog responding to you.

  • Judy

    4/22/2021 11:01:35 AM |

    My dog loves the word Car ride!

  • Angela McKeever

    4/30/2021 4:54:29 PM |

    My dog loves the word Ball! Great article!

  • Mary Lisius

    5/4/2021 7:34:23 PM |

    My dog loves to hear " let's go for a ride"

  • Loretta pitts

    5/5/2021 6:32:23 AM |

    My pup loves the word chewy and any of my grandkids names, especially when they visit!!

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    5/5/2021 9:50:07 AM |

    All of the above and
    Truck....she loves riding in the truck.

    Also, TV...she loves to watch tv after dinner especially shows with animals of course.

  • kari

    5/5/2021 10:47:57 AM |

    My dog loves the word "lake"  Smile

  • Life's Abundance

    5/5/2021 11:33:59 AM |

    Car rides with the pup, love it!

  • Life's Abundance

    5/5/2021 11:34:15 AM |

    That's precious!

  • Life's Abundance

    5/5/2021 11:34:52 AM |

    We are guessing Animal Planet is a popular channel for them!

  • Michael D.

    5/6/2021 2:25:02 AM |

    My Labradoodle Trevor gets super excited when I tell him  let go bye bye. That means car ride.

  • Diana T

    5/9/2021 2:51:08 PM |

    she goes uncontainably squeely nuts when she sees her favorite human friends and gramma and grandpa.

  • Genie

    9/2/2022 3:36:24 PM |

    My dog goes crazy when she sees her boyfriend Max. They actually love each other. She also runs when she sees humans walking she gets so happy and wants them to hold her. She loves all people and all other dogs.
    She watches tv tv but for some reason she barks at it no matter who is on it human or animal. We don’t know why.

  • Suzanne Ehrnfeldt

    10/17/2022 5:10:37 PM |

    Want to go on the boat and car ride! Also comes running when we say cheese!

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