4 Ways To Support Digestion And Immunity

4 Ways To Support Digestion And Immunity

Woman Gets Probiotics From Eating Yogurt

Gut health has been gaining traction in the health and wellness world, and for very good reason. Gut health affects everything from your immune system, to your weight, to your brain function, so it’s really important to focus on what’s going on in your belly.

More and more research highlights the importance of the healthy bacteria that live in your gut.

Having adequate “good” bacteria has been shown to help regulate the digestive system and help support the immune system. Recent probiotic studies connect proper balances with healthy body weight and brain health too!

Here are four ways you can take steps to support your digestive health, a key to your overall well-being and immunity:

  1. Take a Probiotic daily 
    Think of this supplement as a bit of an ‘insurance policy’ to help make sure that you’re balancing the bacteria in your gut every day, no matter what. Support your digestive health and immune system with our Probiotic Supplement — it has a proprietary 5-strain blend with 25 billion CFUs guaranteed. Plus, it's made in the USA

  2. Add fermented foods to your diet 
    Try adding foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi. They begin with a live active culture and are fermented, giving them the benefit of probiotics.

    Man Pours Water To Stay Hydrated

  3. Drink lots of fluids 
    Our bodies need water for skin health, immunity and energy, but also to push things along through digestion. So while we need the bacteria for gut health, we also need the fluids to keep everything moving as it should.

  4. Eat fiber
    Many fibers are considered to be prebiotics. This means that they feed the good bacteria already present in your gut. But different fibers feed different bacterium, so it’s important to get these prebiotics from multiple sources and from a variety of foods.

To ensure a healthy gut, you should take a premium Probiotic supplement for balanced gut health and a supported immune system. You can also include a serving of fermented food each day for extra measure. Once you take gut health into your own hands, you may be surprised how great you feel and become a pro-probiotic fanatic as well!

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  • Debbie Damesworth

    3/5/2020 6:59:05 AM |

    I have used our probiotics since it was first introduced to us. I feel great as it keeps my system regular and healthy.

  • Albertina Geller

    3/18/2020 8:07:10 AM |

    Probiotics help a lot in improving gut health. You have also mentioned the other ways from which we can get bacteria for a healthy gut. Thanks for sharing the information.


    4/12/2020 10:41:41 PM |

    These tips are right on and a really good reminder for those of us trying to live our best lives.

  • Susan Michaek

    2/19/2021 8:35:56 AM |

    Great info!........are there fermented foods that are mild on the stomach?.....and what kind of fiber foods are most beneficial?......thank you as always!!

  • Life's Abundance

    2/19/2021 5:13:33 PM |

    Fermented foods are a great addition to your diet. Some of the best include fermented pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso, and kombucha.

    As far as fiber foods, some the most beneficial are chia seeds, green peas, raspberries, split peas and black beans.

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