5 Spooky Canine Superstitions

5 Spooky Canine Superstitions


We’re all familiar with the long and storied association between cats and mythology. It makes sense: they are mysterious creatures, well suited to legends and lore. But what about dogs? As man’s best friend, they fall into a bit more of a predictable and familiar category. Or do they?

As much time as we spend with dogs, it makes sense that superstitions would crop up over time. While some are specific to a certain time or place, others are more universal. Where did these myths come from, and why? Read on to learn about five of the most unusual ideas and legends surrounding our canine companions!

1. A Howling Dog Brings Death

Origin: This is one of the most common dog superstitions, and can be found in multiple cultures. In Greek mythology, the howling of a dog was thought to signal that the Wind God had summoned death to a nearby home. In Norse mythology, dogs howl at the approach of Freyja, the Goddess of Death. Why? Because her chariot is pulled by two giant cats (think about it). In Welsh lore, the king of Annwn would patrol the land riding supernatural hounds that only other dogs could see. The howling was their way of acknowledging the presence of these spooky beasts as they raced by.

Facts: Dogs howl as a form of communication. Sometimes it's for attention, other times it's an expression of anxiety, and sometimes it’s just a loud way of saying, “HELLOOOOOO." As a form of communication, it’s very effective! As a former coonhound owner, I can attest to the fact that baying carries over long distances. Remember, dogs are pack animals, much like their relatives, wolves, whose howl can be heard for many miles!


2. Dogs Can See Ghosts

Origin: If you’ve lived with a dog, you’ve probably had this hair-raising experience ... it’s pitch black outside. You’re home alone. In the eerie silence, your dog suddenly starts to stare at a wall (or worse, a door with no window) and starts to growl, hackles raised. Are they seeing the supernatural?

Facts: Dogs do perceive the world differently than we do, but that’s hardly proof of the supernatural. From dog whistles that pick up high frequencies we cannot register to a sense of smell 10,000 more sensitive than our own, dogs enjoy a heightened experience of their environment beyond our capabilities.

Out in the world, many people report dogs appearing agitated in the moments before earthquakes or other natural disasters. It is theorized dogs can pick up on sensitive vibrations we miss. People have taken advantage of these sensitivities to train dogs in everything from seizure alerts to cancer detection, proving that in almost every sense, dogs out-perceive the world compared to you and me. So what is your dog growling at in the dead of night? Let’s tell ourselves something comforting so we can fall asleep tonight.

3. If You Step in Dog Poo, Do it Properly

Origin: This one is specific to France, land of croissants, the Louvre, and lots and lots of dog poop. According to local lore, stepping in dog piles with your left foot is good luck, while stepping in it with your right? Woe be unto you!

Fact: More than anything, this legend reflects that as a “scoop your poop” culture, France has a long way to go. A recent survey noted that while 1.85 million dog waste bags were sold in the UK in 2015, France sold a mere 3,600. That’s one fifth of one percent as many bags being sold, people. Until 2007, dog poop wasn’t even mentioned in French law at all. Mon dieu!

I think no matter where you live we can all agree on one thing. Stepping in a warm pile of dog waste never feels lucky, regardless of the foot.


4. Seeing Three White Dogs Together Signals Good Luck

Origin: An English myth contends that seeing three white dogs standing together is a sign of good fortune, particularly financial luck. An alternate version states the same good luck will come to you if you spot a Dalmatian (pun intended!) on the way to a business meeting.

Fact: No one is quite sure where this came from. Maybe because these dogs were rare, it was more of a unique find to see them wandering the streets! Just as possible is the simple associations people make between white being a symbol of good luck and black a symbol of bad luck, an unfortunate fallacy that results in many wonderful black cats and dogs having a more difficult time getting adopted. As someone who adopted both a beautiful black Labrador and a sweet and wonderful black cat, I’m convinced they bring nothing but great fortune.

5. No Dogs Allowed On Board Ships

Origin: Historically, nautical legend is filled with a wide variety of superstitions about who and what can come on board. It makes sense. Sailing is by nature a dangerous occupation, so every time something terrible would happen, it’s only natural to look for some external cause. Better to blame the flowers or bananas you brought on board than the terrible weather you had no control over. But why dogs? That, unfortunately, remains a mystery. You’d think those long, lonely days out on the open seas could only be improved with a happy companion. Maybe it was the fleas they brought as stowaways?

Fact: Times have changed. Dogs are now considered faithful companions to many seafaring people. You can even get your dog his or her own lifejacket if you’re planning to bring him aboard. If you want any further proof about how much our views have evolved over time, consider this: cats on board ships used to be considered good luck, probably due to their ability to control the rodent population. Can you imagine taking today's average house cat out on the high seas? Yikes!

If you ask me, having a dog in the house is good luck no matter what. According to my own personal legends and lore, dogs bring good health, happiness, and reduced stress to all they come across. That's a story I could tell again and again!

Have you ever heard a dog-related superstition? Share it in the comments section below!

Dr V
Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM

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  • Norm Weigel

    10/30/2018 6:01:03 AM |

    Reading about a questioned association between “grain free” diets and DCM (cardiomyopathy) in Newfoundlands. If this proves out is there adequate grain in life’s abundance large breed puppy food to prevent this? My pup is 11 weeks old.

  • Life's Abundance

    10/30/2018 9:19:32 AM |

    We are aware that the FDA is alerting pet parents about reports of a heart disease called canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and diets containing “peas, lentils, other legume seeds, or potatoes as main ingredients.” In other words, ingredients typically found in raw, vegan, exotic, home-prepared and grain-free foods.

    It is important to understand the FDA says “the underlying cause is not known, but it is thought to have a genetic component”. That is why there is an investigation of this issue.

    We have been involved in discussions within the veterinary and nutritional communities, and are closely monitoring all developments. Below are answers to common questions regarding this situation.

    What is DCM?
    It is a disease of a dog’s heart muscle that results in an enlarged heart.

    Is DCM genetic?
    Breeds more frequently affected include large and giant breed dogs. It is less common in small and medium breed dogs with some exceptions.

    Which dogs are more likely to have DCM?
    At present, it appears there may be three sub-sets of dogs to consider:
    *Dogs that are genetically predisposed to DCM. Heart disease is common, affecting 10% of all dogs, with even higher rates in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Doberman Pinschers, and Boxers.  
    *Dogs experiencing dietary taurine deficiency.  
    *Dogs susceptible to DCM for reasons unrelated to diet.

    Is it safe to continue to feeding our Grain-Free food?
    We have always held the position that taurine is important for dogs and include it in all of our dog food recipes, including Grain-Free. What makes us different from most other brands is that we guarantee the amount of taurine in all of our dry dog food formulas.This means that each meal is guaranteed to supply your dog with this important nutrient!

  • Mandy leigh

    12/15/2021 5:49:55 PM |

    My 9mth old Boston terrier obviously knows I'm not well today but for the past hour she has been staring wild eyed at the mirror. Why?

  • Life's Abundance

    12/21/2021 2:38:53 PM |

    Your dog could be staring at the mirror wondering if it is another dog. They are usually deciding if to engage with the "other dog."

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