3 Easy Fitness Tips

3 Easy Fitness Tips


It’s right about that time of the year, when you can’t go on Facebook or Instagram without being inundated with advice on how to get ‘bikini body ready’ or ‘fit for the summer’. Upping your fitness and improving your nutrition are absolutely goals to strive for. However, for some people, there is a fair amount of stress that comes along with this ... especially at this time of year. You might get swayed into thinking that a one-week hardcore cleanse is finally the magic bullet to getting into the jeans you’ve always dreamed of, or think that going from 0 to 100 with your workout schedule will be the answer to your physique prayers. And, year after year, you’re reminded that it’s not quite so simple. However, there are a few strategies you can use to improve your fitness routine and eating habits so that they will transform into lifelong positive lifestyle changes.

Here are three ways to improve your fitness, overall health and your fun this summer.

1. Play Like a Kid. I’m not talking about breaking out the legos and action figures, but getting outside and mixing it up! Getting away from your regular 20-minute walk on the treadmill will make exercise accessible and fun. Join your kids in a volleyball game in the backyard. Add a jump rope progression into your weight routine. Turn on music the next time you’re doing a deep clean of the house and work up a sweat. Take the leap and join the recreational basketball team you meant to sign up for last summer. When you get creative in your thinking, you can find a good workout almost anywhere.


2. Eat Like a Greek. The summer is the perfect time to improve your diet, as loads of fruits and veggies are coming into their peak season. It’s also the perfect time to adopt a mostly Mediterranean Diet, which is inspired by traditional Greek and Italian diets. It emphasizes plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, plenty of extra-virgin olive oil and fresh fish. True followers focus on eating seasonally although depending on where you live, the seasonal foods available may not exactly be those that are available near the Mediterranean. How you eat also matters: preferably with friends and family while enjoying red wine and each other’s company. So when you’re making your meals, think tons of fresh veggies, some fruit, whole grains like brown rice, beans and nuts. Fish and chicken are key, especially flavored with fresh herbs and spices. Dairy is included occasionally - in the form of fresh cheeses and yogurt - as are eggs. While pasta is a staple, it’s usually consumed in small portions at the start of a meal and freshly prepared. Picture a vibrant Greek salad with greens, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers and feta tossed in EVOO and herbs, then topped with a piece of grilled chicken or fish. Yummers!

3. Drink Like a Fish. I mean water in this case, although throwing a mocktail or healthy cocktail into the mix wouldn’t hurt, either. If plain water becomes too yawn-worthy to you, mix it up by adding a scoop of Minerals & Antioxidants to up the flavor, nutritional profile, and overall benefit. Drinking enough water throughout the day can help with weight loss, improved moods, more energy and clearer skin. Liquids may also help move food through your digestive tract smoothly, so your water intake could actually prevent bloating and constipation. Score! With all that it has going for it, it definitely makes sense to keep up with the sipping before, during and between meals. 

Open yourself up to fun and start living your best life!

Keri Keri Glassman, MS.RD.CDN

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