The Real Reasons Why People Prefer Cats

The Real Reasons Why People Prefer Cats


On August 8th, we celebrate International Cat Day. To mark the occasion, Dr. V takes a look at why millions of pet parents are more inclined towards cats than dogs. Enjoy! 

Ask any pet lover if they consider themselves Team Cat or Team Dog, and you’re probably going to get some strong opinions. Although the number of U.S. households with dogs exceeds those with cats, felines win in measures of overall numbers. According to the latest survey, about 94 million felines live in the U.S. right now. Clearly, plenty of people play for Team Cat. 

After a long dark era where cat lovers were given a hard time (crazy cat lady stereotypes, anyone?), I’m pleased to see the merits of living with cats far outweighing any negative remarks. In fact, we seem to be enjoying a great renaissance of cat appreciation! Even in the virtual world, cats rule the internet thanks to endless YouTube videos. They're beautiful, mysterious creatures who share a deep and abiding connection with us mere humans. What’s not to love? 


If you spend enough time talking to people who consider themselves cat people, a few common themes emerge. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons people find themselves gravitating towards Team Cat … 

  1. Ease of Care. When you bring home a puppy, you wind up with a 10-page list of requirements covering training, harnesses, toys and socialization. Cat parents view such lists with mild amusement. By comparison, cats are pretty low-maintenance. Once you cover the basic necessities such as food, water and a litter box, the rest is just bonus points! 
  1. Independence. Cats are naturally independent, unlike dogs who long to be part of a pack. Of course, certain cats are more social than others, but overall they aren’t as stressed by alone time as your average dog. To many people, this laid-back relationship can be very appealing! Like the cool kid in school who's a bit aloof, you almost love them just a little bit more.
  1. Big Personalities. Interestingly enough, both dog lovers and cat lovers mention personality as one of the reasons they chose one over the other. Clearly, they’re both right. It’s all about who meshes best with the family!

On a purely personal note, certain types of people tend to gravitate towards feline companionship. Folks who describe themselves as introverted, laid-back, shy, refined and independent seem to be naturally inclined toward the feline temperament. There are some who also claim intelligence as a trait of cat people, but as a dog person myself I’m not going to touch that one!


As for the notion that it’s mostly women who love cats, nothing could be further from the truth! Cat dudes are loud and proud with their love of all things feline. A few feline fans who just so happen to be famous guys include Christopher Walken, Macklemore, James Franco, Gilles Marini, Russell Brand and Tom Hardy!

Of course, there are many among us who simply can't pick one over the other. In fact, more than half of cat households are also dog households. My son and I are Team Dog while my husband and daughter are Team Cat. We're fortunate enough to have one of each, and we all love them both equally! While it’s fun to play up the differences between dog people and cat people, we’re all animal lovers, and that’s what matters the most.

So, how about you? Are you a charter member of Team Cat? Share your reasons why in the comments section below.

All my best to you and your lovable companions!

Dr V
Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM

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  • FromTheRoost

    8/7/2017 3:14:25 PM |

    As an overall animal lover the realization that I am actually a cat person was not an easy one.  I just 'get' cats better than I do dogs. It's truly gratifying to be able to communicate well with those in your household, but I somehow feel like I have to try harder with my dogs.

  • Jill. Neeld

    8/18/2017 9:09:45 AM |

    My cats picked me to be their person. I had no choice 😺

  • Joanne Posillico

    8/19/2017 6:42:04 AM |

    I have had cats most all my life, and just acquired #5 .. I find them to be extremely loving, as well as entertaining and loyal. They're the calm to my storm, no matter what I am dealing with they're right there to comfort me.

  • KMS

    8/28/2017 2:37:07 PM |

    Cats are my Favorite.  They don't require training (other than easy litter box).  I have only had one cat but, I adore him and wish I had more.  I have had several dogs over the years but,  Dogs require a lot of work, training, walking, grooming.  My cat is so easy and he is always there for me and he gives me so much comfort, he comes when I call him (only comes to me when I call - he's a one person cat), he is fun to play with.    Only negative - He requires that I pet him when he eats, but I don't mind that - I think it has created a bond between us - he needed that as a kitten and we have continued (I have spoiled him - Smile - he is two now - and he looks for me whenever he is hungry so that he can eat (kind of funny).    I recently got a new dog at the request of my husband and 16 year old son.  A golden puppy is so much work, requires numerous walks a day, we need to do training for sure, brushing (hair everywhere), the dog jumps on me and scratches me everywhere, keeps me up all night, I'm exhausted just thinking about all this dog takes, crazy - what was I thinking!!

  • Jessica Shofstall

    9/3/2021 12:55:14 AM |

    Team  cat for   me!!!

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