Infographic: 5 Ways Cats Improve Your Life

Infographic: 5 Ways Cats Improve Your Life

If you're lucky enough to share your life with a cat, you'll know that regardless of personality, felines make life better. Whether they're low-key couch potatoes or frenetic, live-out-loud adventurers, it really doesn't matter. Each kitty finds a way to bring happiness and companionship. But that's not all! They add a fullness of experience to life, in five amazing ways which we've outlined in the following infographic!

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  • Angie McKeever

    7/13/2017 3:40:26 PM |

    Love this article, so true!Smile

  • Shelby

    7/30/2017 5:21:40 PM |

    ...What a great article , and I agree ! I had a beautiful tortoise shell calico when my first daughter was born, and still had her when the second daughter was born, children loved her, and  they had none of the ill associated with the first few years of life !

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