Puppy It’s Cold Outside

Puppy It’s Cold Outside

Winter is coming. For many pet households, that means dogs – and people – spending more time indoors, away from the bitter cold. Even though some will be braving the ice and snow for quick walks, most of us will be staying in the warm, climate-controlled confines of home. Since your canine probably doesn’t enjoy Netflix bingeing nearly as much as you, we’re exploring simple ways to help fight the doggie doldrums.

This month, Dr. Sarah reveals just how easy it is to keep your pup entertained. And we bet that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you can do inexpensively! Watch as Dr. Sarah demonstrates with her canine companion eight simple activities for inside playtime. Fend off the wintertime blues with fun for everyone!

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  • Kris Leaver

    12/2/2015 11:58:28 AM |

    I like the idea of a food puzzle!

  • Stacey

    12/23/2015 5:41:20 AM |

    Our cats love searching for treats and doing tricks.  It keeps them active and sharp.  Smile

  • Janet Roberts

    12/25/2015 12:09:44 PM |

    Thankfully, we have had a mild winter so far (even today, Christmas Day, 55 degrees - very unusual for West Virginia)!  We have 8 labradors, so don't have to worry about play dates or doggie daycare to wear them out.  We do take them out to a dog-friendly store occasionally.  Since they don't mind the cold and really love snow, as long as we can be outside, they get long walks or play fetch and run around with each other.  I like the idea of freezing the treats inside the kong toy - will have to try that one.  Thanks for the ideas and caring about our pets!!

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