Special Announcement from our Foundation

Special Announcement from our Foundation


Charitable work is central to our mission of well-being for all. It’s so important to us that every order placed on our site aids homeless animals.

As the charitable arm of Life’s Abundance, The Dr. Jane Foundation provides financial support to the small and medium-size rescue groups who work to prevent animal homelessness, abuse and chronic neglect.

Our non-profit proudly bears the name of our Pet Product Formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, whose lifetime of dedication to improving the lives of companion animals serves as a continual source of inspiration for our good works.

Every time you place an order, a portion of the profits are contributed to our foundation’s operating fund. With your continued business, we’re making a positive difference in the world, one animal rescue at a time.

In just a few short years, more than 90 groups have received funding or food donations, with several recipients obtaining numerous annual awards.

Decisions to fund grant applications are made by our non-profit’s Board of Directors, comprised of current and previous Life’s Abundance executives, all of whom are well-versed in the art of analyzing the merits of individual applicants. At present, our board includes Cris Jochum (Chairman), Dr. Jane Bicks, (yes, that Dr. Jane!), Stephen Berardi (Executive Vice President), Linda Logue (Vice President of Marketing & Communications), Ann McEver (Vice President of Compliance), Dave Mattox (Creative Director) and Carol Berardi, one of our company's original founders. Thanks to the diligent work of this team, when you make a donation to The Dr. Jane Foundation, you can rest assured that each grant recipient has been thoroughly vetted and judged worthy of assistance.

With so many organizations as recipients, it’s hard to calculate the exact number of animals helped by our non-profit … but it’s easily in the hundreds, if not thousands of dogs and cats. But we’re here today to tell all Life’s Abundance customers that each one of you has made a positive impact. And we’ll be here tomorrow, making sure that more groups receive the funding they need to reach their goals.

The groups we support are taking realistic, practical steps toward reversing the trend of pet overpopulation, such as by offering low cost spay-or-neuter surgeries. Others dedicate resources to educating pet parents about solving problems that contribute to the abandonment of companion animals in the first place. All of this work has a net effect of reducing the number of animals in shelters and foster care.

Just think, just by shopping with Life’s Abundance, you’re actually making a positive impact in someone else’s life. Many customers will never realize exactly how much they’ve done to improve the lives of dogs and cats in need. Even though you might never know their names, you can know that you’ve helped transform countless homeless animals into companion animals. Consider this the next time you pass a dog being walked down the street … you might have played a role in helping them to find their forever family!

And we’ve saved the best news for last. Our Board of Directors just held their last quarterly meeting for the year on October 23rd, and several applications were approved. We’re pleased to announce the latest recipients of grant funding … worthy organizations all!

- American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue, Inc. of Canton, OH
- Boxer Aid and Rescue Coalition, Inc. (aka, BARC) of Tallahassee, FL
- JCCARE, Inc. of Renton, WA
- The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society (aka, TLC Humane Society) of Dahlonega, GA

In the coming months, we will update you on what these groups are able to achieve with our funding. You can be sure whatever it is, these organizations will be doing their utmost to change lives for the better.

To learn more about the organizations who’ve benefitted, and all that we’ve accomplished together, visit our web page today. There, you’ll find summaries of some of our recent grants.

If you’d like to nominate an organization for financial assistance, leave their contact info in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to forward them a grant application. All submissions will be reviewed by our Board of Directors for possible funding.

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  • Mary Freeman

    10/29/2014 3:58:32 PM |

    Please consider Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption. They do great work with greyhounds retiring from the dog track in Tucson, AZ. They take in lots of special needs dogs, broken legs, hocks and other career ending injuries and illnesses.


  • Shirley Harvey

    10/30/2014 1:26:38 AM |

    Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio, does wonderful rescue work.  They are at 1820 Princeton Road, Hamilton, OH, 45011-4742.  I think you would be impressed with their record and with their aims and work in progress.

    Shirley and Martin Harvey

  • Cathy Bonilla

    10/30/2014 3:33:28 AM |

    Please send a grant application to:
    Compassionate Pug Rescue, Inc.
    c/o Cathy Bonilla, Secretary
    7568 Coconut Blvd
    West Palm Beach, FL 33412-2268

  • Debra Meyer

    10/30/2014 6:02:58 AM |

    There are two Rescues worth mentioning...First is Xtreme Rescue, founder is Mollie. She rescues "extreme" cases, dogs that no one else would take a second glance at..usually they are hurt, have mange, have been living on the street, etc. She pulls many from a shelter called MDAS, which Doesn't have very good conditions, and they euthanize to many!! She is located in Homestead, Florida, and is trying to get funds to get land to build a facility where she can take care of these dogs and have a vet and behaviorist on site.
    Second, there is a rescue here in my home state of Pennsylvania.  The name is Justice Rescue, Woodlyn, Pa. These two guys "Crash and Wolf" .put their lives on the line for dogs and cats everyday..they have rescued dogs from dog fighting rings, chained dogs in zero degree weather outside, dogs who are being actively abused by their owners, etc. horrible situations. They do work in conjunction many times with law enforcement because of the severity of some of the cases. They just opened up their own no kill, rehab shelter and need funds.
    Both of these rescues mentioned above do extreme work to save animals..they dedicate their lives to the cause.
    Thanks for all you do for animals as well! I have been purchasing Life's Abundance food for years, and will continue to do so!!

  • Judy Hallisey

    10/30/2014 12:47:12 PM |

    Please send an application for grants to my local animal rescue group.  We are trying to raise funds for a shelter.   contact info:  Lori at arrfanimalrescue.org     Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Judy Hallisey

    11/7/2014 6:43:09 AM |

    Addendum to my earlier comment - my local rescue group AARF can receive electronic applications at [email protected]  just in case the email I gave before doesn't work.  Thank you for all the work you support!

    Judy Hallisey

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