Foundation Award to Monroe County Animal League

Foundation Award to Monroe County Animal League


It is our great pleasure to announce one of the latest recipients of financial aid awarded by Dr. Jane’s Foundation. This month’s featured beneficiary is a committed group of rescuers wholly dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected animals in West Virginia.

Based in Union, WV, Monroe County Animal League is comprised of caring foster parents. In operation since 1990, the small but committed non-profit group is staffed solely by volunteers. Without governmental financial assistance, they rely heavily on their modest membership fees, bake sales, auctions, as well as the donations of good Samaritans for their day-to-day operations.

The need for rescuers in their community was immense, as Monroe County has no animal shelter. The animals in their care come from a variety of situations. MCAL volunteers are always on the lookout for strays. County residents know they can contact the MCAL hotline if a homeless animal is spotted. When a family encounters debilitating financial hardship and makes the difficult decision to surrender their companion animal, MCAL is there, ready to find a new home.

For the last several years, MCAL has offered low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to the pets of Monroe County residents. For folks unable to afford the costs of veterinary surgery, MCAL has, on more than one occasion, provided these much-needed services free of charge, fulfilling a vital need in underserved areas.

This rescue enterprise has an enviable track record of success. For the last 15 years, they’ve safely transported 4,100 creatures to adoptive homes out-of-state, provided alteration surgeries for 1,700 dogs and cats, and found local homes for 580 animals. Furthermore, they work very hard on behalf of traditionally hard-to-place dogs, such as seniors, bully breeds and hounds. With educational efforts designed to teach people how to be good guardians of companion animals, MCAL has helped change their community for the better.

None of these good works would have been possible without the faithful volunteers who devote their time, energy and resources. These good-hearted people come from all walks of life … business owners, homemakers, professional workers, farmers and more. With limited assistance from the local animal control agency, this purposeful group has made a real and lasting difference in their community.

Here are just a few of the many animals that have been saved by the good works of Monroe County Animal League. In fact, all of the dogs you see here are available for adoption …


Intelligent and eager to please, Diesel is ready to be trained by the right family. He loves his treats and his doghouse, and appears to be pretty well-behaved around cats. A true attention hound, Diesel has a promising career ahead of him as someone’s new best friend.


Shy with new folks, Shasta the lab mix is all set to begin life anew with his new forever family. Sadly, he spent his early years outdoors and tethered. Now, this pleasant fellow is looking to make up for lost time. Seeking a good home … preferably one with a cushy, canine-friendly bed.


This pit bull youngster is raring to go … to his forever home. Like most pups, Trace has an endless capacity for love and fun. Just one look into his adorable eyes will reveal his happy, energetic spirit!


Friendly and gentle (although not so much with creatures of the feline persuasion), Rex loves indoor and outdoor time equally well. He’s taking to training well, and by all reports is ‘a wonderful dog’.

For all that they do to improve the lives of needy dogs and cats, awarding MCAL this grant was our great pleasure. Our financial assistance was earmarked for spay and neuter surgeries for cats belonging to county residents.

If you or someone you know would be interested in supporting this fabulous organization, we encourage you to visit their website at (or call them directly at 304-772-4445). You never know … you could end up finding your new best friend!

Dr. Jane’s Foundation has provided funding to animal rescue groups all over America since 2007. Our non-profit wing could not have achieved what it has without the continued patronage of our customers and the contributions of individual donors. On behalf of all the pet kids now living in comfortable, loving environments thanks to this outstanding rescue, we thank you for caring enough to make a difference.

If you’ve had experience with an animal rescue organization worthy of special recognition and financial support, please encourage them to fill out one of our grant applications. Interested parties should call us toll-free at 877-387-4564 … one of our customer service agents will be happy to share all the details.

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