Swimming Safety

Swimming Safety

In the latest episode of Pet Talk, we’re wading hip deep in watery fun as Dr. Sarah dives into the subject of canine swimming safety. Regardless of the venue – poolside, lake or beach - you won’t want to miss these important, helpful tips.

Find out what breeds are especially suited to swimming, what to do if you’re dog isn’t an accomplished swimmer, and the potential dangers of swimming at a new location. And, our staff veterinarian warns what to look out for when your pup has had a bit too much fun in the sun. All that and more in the most recent installment of our ongoing web series created to improve the wellbeing of your companion animals.

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  • Amelia Johnson

    7/31/2014 3:42:39 AM |

    Our community pool opens up to the dogs every Fall to raise money for the Frostburg Dog Park.  It is very entertaining to watch the kids and adults alike swim and interact with their wading or swimming dogs...wish it could happen daily to provide therapeutic exercise for the pets and their companions. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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