The Power of Preventive Care

The Power of Preventive Care

Pet parents postpone annual health exams for their dogs and cats for all manner of reasons. For some, it’s a fear of what your veterinarian will find during the examination. Others worry about the expense of the exam itself. And some seek only to avoid the stress a vet visit causes their pet kids. Regardless of the rationales behind not going in, the benefits far outweigh the more immediate costs of inaction.

The advantages of a yearly check-up are so vital, Dr. Sarah has devoted an entire episode of Pet Talk to the topic, providing all the motives why you shouldn’t put it off. In her clear and no-nonsense style, our good doctor walks you step-by-step through a typical annual wellbeing examination, revealing exactly what veterinarians are thinking when they’re investigating your pet kid’s health … and, why each step is vital to the long-term health and happiness of your companion animal.

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  • Ellen

    5/5/2014 7:30:57 AM |

    Good Job Dr. Sarah!
    Very important topic - esp. now since a lot of owners have gone
    to a 3yr shot protocol. Need to get that pooch in even though no
    shots may be required Smile

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