Foundation Award Grant to Sierra’s Haven

Foundation Award Grant to Sierra’s Haven

We’re pleased to bring you news of yet another financial award given by Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation, this time to an inspirational group of animal rescuers in Ohio.

Located in Portsmouth, Sierra’s Haven for New & Used Pets represents the best available option for their county’s homeless animals. Situated on 50 acres, their operation is housed in a 5,653-square-foot building with the capacity to comfortably shelter hundreds of animals.

Since opening in 2006, Sierra's Haven has made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of animals, many of whom were once strays in desperate need of medical attention. Regardless of condition, the group treats every dog and cat with care and respect, and aims to find each animal the perfect forever home.

In addition to their immediate and primary goal of saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats, they routinely offer low-cost surgical procedures to the pets of economically depressed families. Plus, they actively work to educate the community about the prevention of animal abuse and neglect.

The organization’s namesake is taken from the feline companion of Bernie Counts, Jr., the late brother Dr. Gail Counts, the group’s founder who now serves as the President and Executive Director. Mr. Counts died unexpectedly in his home, and Sierra, his adoring kitty, stayed by his side until a concerned neighbor made the sad discovery. Both Sierra and Bernie remain constant reminders for the volunteers of the non-profit, who strive to honor their memories through their ongoing, caring commitment to abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

Their in-house veterinary staff includes Drs. Angela Sherman, Julie Bilchak, Naomi Dean and Liza Guess. Even though she’s busy as the President and Executive Director, Dr. Gail Counts continues to provide veterinary care. During the period from 2006 to 2012, their Spay-and-Neuter Program, which is run by their vets, has achieved outstanding results, performing almost 9,500 procedures on both dogs and cats.

The day-to-day operations of Sierra’s Haven are run by a full-time administrator, two full-time veterinary technicians, a part-time office manager, a part-time kennel/maintenance supervisor and one full-time kennel worker. Offering support services is a team of volunteers whose talents further the aims of the enterprise.

Many pets are adopted by low-income families, who only need to cover the minimal $15 adoption fee for cats or a completely voluntary donation for dogs. The shelter receives funding from these adoptions, relinquishment fees, yard sales, raffles, ongoing financial assistance from a variety of organizations, as well as the support of a few local businesses.

In spite of the overwhelming needs and limited resources, Sierra’s Haven has consistently maintained remarkable adoption averages every year. Last year represented a major milestone, as they saved 373 cats and 1002 dogs. Already this year, they’ve rescued 52 cats and 103 dogs. Since opening their doors, they’ve saved the lives of nearly 6,500 dogs and cats, including hundreds of pets who were returned home after becoming lost.

The non-profit operates three distinct funds, each geared toward a unique and worthwhile goal.

Pet Population Control Fund

These monies cover the majority of the costs to provide low-cost spay-and-neuter services to companion animals living in low-income households, to promote public awareness about the benefits of spay-and-neuter programs and to upgrade surgical equipment utilizing the latest technology for future procedures.

Feral Cat TNR Program

As our regular readers will know, TNR stands for ‘Trap, Neuter and Release’, an effective maintenance strategy for cat populations living in the wild. The TNR efforts of Sierra’s Haven are concentrated on feline colonies in Scioto County.

Mend-A-Pet Fund

This fund is dedicated to the many animals who are in dire need of medical treatment upon intake. Over the years, they’ve witnessed all manner of illness and injury, ranging from advanced heartworm disease to grievous wounds inflicted by vehicular hit-and-runs.

On behalf all of the dogs and cats who have experienced a vastly improved quality of life due to the arduous work and tenacity of this rescue, we offer Sierra’s Haven our sincere kudos and unending thanks. Their unwavering determination to create happily-ever-after stories for so many animals made giving this $1,000 award our immense pleasure.

If you or someone you know would be interested in adopting a dog or cat in Ohio, we encourage you to stop by Sierra’s Haven ( You never know … you could end up finding your new best friend!

Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation has provided funding to animal rescue groups all over America since 2007. Our non-profit wing could not have achieved what it has without the continued patronage of our customers and the contributions of individual donors. On behalf of the thousands of animals who are now living in new forever homes thanks to Sierra’s Haven, we thank you for caring enough to make a difference.

If you’ve had experience with an animal rescue organization worthy of special recognition and financial support, please forward this post, to let them know that our non-profit is actively seeking grant applications for 2014. We encourage interested parties to call us toll-free at 877-387-4564 … one of our customer service agents will be happy to share application details.

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