Beagle Finagles Her Way to Oven-Baked Goodies

Beagle Finagles Her Way to Oven-Baked Goodies

Lucy the beagle definitely knows her way around the kitchen.

This clever pup exhibits serious skill at claiming her next meal (apparently, a batch of chicken nuggets). Not content to move furniture at-will in order to leap up on kitchen countertops, she’s also proficient at removing pans from the toaster oven.

You’ll be amazed by how this dexterous pup pulls a reverse dine-and-dash, using her noodle to get the nuggets. We caution our canine viewers … do not try this at home. Oven, hot!

Lucy is the pet kid of Rodd Scheinerman, who originally uploaded the video last July. According to the proud pet parent’s YouTube comments, he wondered why paw prints kept appearing on the countertops. With a little detective work, he certainly got his answer!

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  • Kendra

    1/20/2014 2:52:10 PM |

    What a stinker!! My Beagle/Lab mix likes to make trouble, once he managed to get my training treats bag out of my treat bin that was way up high out if reach, but clearly not out of sniffs reach Smile

  • JoAnne

    1/30/2014 4:31:42 AM |

    Animals are so smart!

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