NM Rescue Rewarded for Good Karma

NM Rescue Rewarded for Good Karma

‘Beaumont (a.k.a. Beau) flourishing under
CARMA’s excellent care.’

This month’s featured grant recipient is Companion Animal Rescue & Medical Assistance Inc. (CARMA), a non-profit organization doing its utmost to alter the destiny of dogs and cats abandoned in New Mexico.

Just over a decade ago, many of the unwanted animals in the rural Albuquerque suburb of Village of Corrales faced almost certain euthanasia. Fortunately, this group of supremely dedicated volunteers came together in 1999, determined to make a big difference in the way abandoned animals are treated. Their efforts have been rewarded, effecting a much broader change, saving innumerable lives every year.

What began as a cat-only rescue, run out of a converted garage, has now become a fully fledged rescue enterprise. CARMA’s President, Barbara Bayer, runs the day-to-day operations of the no-kill rescue, aided by a large team of volunteers. Rejecting the use of euthanasia, they’ve made significant in-roads towards the successful re-homing of animals in need. During their many years of operation, they’ve taken in more than 4,300 dogs and cats.

‘A three-year-old Shepherd mix, Shelly is remarkably sweet
and enjoys frolicking in water.’

In 2011, after mounting a decade-long educational offensive, the local council passed legislation officially making Corrales the first no-kill community in the state. Thanks to CARMA’s many years of service and advocacy, the no-kill philosophy had already been informally adopted.

In addition to their no-kill initiatives, CARMA played a major role in the adoption of a community-wide ban on dog chaining. Plus, the organization sponsors a weekly adoption clinic, successfully adopting out approximately 250 animals annually. On top of their local efforts, CARMA works cooperatively with other private rescue groups in and out of New Mexico.

In all of their years of providing much-needed shelter, not one animal has ever been turned away. Creating a ‘sure thing’ in the rescue biz is in itself a massive achievement.

In light of their ongoing and diligent efforts, we believe that CARMA embodies the principle that guides them … ‘there is a home for every animal’.

‘A stowaway from a Target delivery truck,
Gigi eagerly awaits adoption.’

To accommodate a growing population of abandoned cats, CARMA has embraced an innovative model for shelter care. Favored by a growing contingency of care providers, catteries offer home-like environments for rescued cats in stark contrast to long-term caging and crating. Volunteers have seen first-hand the benefits of cage-free living, as cats integrate with their new adoptive families faster and with fewer behavioral issues.

‘Gabe, one of 19 cats recently rescued, in his new home
with help from our non-profit.’

Earlier this year, CARMA took a lead role in the case of a hoarder who suffered with dementia. The resident surrendered a staggering number of animals … 19 cats, five dogs and an alpaca. The animals had endured, despite ‘horrific conditions’. A major commitment, CARMA took in all of the animals.

To harbor all of the new intakes, CARMA immediately began construction of a third building. Our grant helped to complete work on the structure, giving it the tiled flooring as specified. The interior work wrapped up just two weeks ago, and now it’s full of felines who owe their change of fortunes to CARMA.

According to Bayer, ‘Our appreciation of the foundation's choice to provide funds to CARMA is immense. We can now watch these cats become accustomed to a safe, warm and nurturing environment as they prepare to live in loving permanent homes.’

We thank you for helping us make this tangible improvement in the lives of these lucky cats. Your personal donations and continued business make this and every grant possible, aiding rescue groups across our great nation.

This holiday season, we welcome any additional contributions, to help to ensure that deserving groups like CARMA continue to receive financial backing. Simply call us toll-free at 877-387-4564 … we will be thrilled to receive your support.

Check back next month for another dose of uplifting news from our foundation!

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  • Janet Roberts

    12/22/2013 11:53:49 AM |

    Another wonderful story thanks to such dedicated people.  I am proud to be a rep for Life's Abundance and happy to donate to the Dr Jane Foundation to help such deserving groups of animal lovers.

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