Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

In this thrilling episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah peers into her crystal ball and treats pet parents to some special tricks to help fur-kids have a happy and healthy Halloween. Our staff veterinarian offers some timely tips on keeping your pets’ paws off potentially hazardous candies. Further, Dr. Sarah conjures up the perfect spell to keep your furry friends from unexpectedly venturing out among the other creatures of the night! And, since tasty treats are central to All Hallow’s Eve, Dr. Sarah reveals some healthier options made especially with your four-footers’ nutritional needs and well-being in mind. In the brief video, you’ll learn all sorts of helpful tricks for taking the fear out of your Halloween celebration!

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  • Rusty Bynum

    10/31/2012 6:44:37 AM |

    Thanks, Life's Abundance, for writing a blog that is informative and also fun to read. I read lots of stuff about care, feeding and health concerns about my four-leggeds. Your blog is the only one that's delightful to read. Though I live in a houseful of dogs, I even read your articles on those beloveds of the feline persuasion. Now, that's good writing!
    thank you!
    rusty bynum

  • Dr. Sarah

    10/31/2012 8:21:26 AM |

    Thank you Rusty for your kind comment.  We are so glad that you enjoy the blog posts!

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