Talking About Ticks

Talking About Ticks

If ticks were human-size, they’d be one of the scariest creatures on the planet. Even though ticks are tiny, they’re still an awful nuisance, especially if you don’t know how to minimize contact and the damage they can inflict if contact occurs. Over the course of the last couple of decades, large swaths of the U.S. have been churning out bumper crops of ticks, even in urban areas, and tick season is right around the corner. Thank goodness we have Dr. Sarah on-hand to clear up misconceptions about these little blood-suckers and to share helpful tips for dealing with these creepy-crawlies. If you and your companion animals plan to spend any time outdoors over the next few months, be sure to watch the latest episode of Pet Talk right now. And, please, share this video with your friends and family!

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  • JoAnne Rando-Moon

    3/23/2012 7:20:49 AM |

    Excellent video.  I learned something new.  Smile

  • Lori

    3/24/2012 6:08:09 AM |

    Excellent information and thanks for busting the myths about using petroleum jelly or a hot match.

  • Janet Roberts

    3/25/2012 4:10:23 PM |

    Thanks for the very timely advice Dr Sarah!  We had an extremely mild winter here in WV, almost no snow which is very unusual.  We have already been warned this year will be very bad for all kinds of bugs, including ticks.  Although we have short-haired dogs (labs), and the ticks are easy to see on the yellow labs, the black labs are much more difficult to find!  

  • Amelia Johnson

    4/17/2012 10:58:31 AM |

    Dr. Sarah,

    The ticks were out early on the East Coast. My vet also recommended a tick collar this year.  We had been using the spot-on treatments. Thank you for  this video.

    Amelia Johnson

  • Trudie McBeth

    5/25/2012 8:11:51 AM |

    I am wondering what is the difference between Brown dog ticke and Deer ticks ? I found some ticks on my dog that were different from the ones I usually find, the biggest difference was that these ones were easily killed by squishing them, and the dog ticks a nearly impossible to squish with your fingers.

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