Are you traveling without your pet this summer?

Are you traveling without your pet this summer?


One of America’s favorite summer pastimes is vacation travel. Often, these trips do not or cannot include our pets, so what do you do with your beloved companion when you cannot take them along? The most important thing is to not worry - the more we worry the less fun we have. Here are some of Dr. Sarah’s favorite tips to help your animals when you travel.

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  • Gerri Wethehold

    10/31/2011 6:36:25 AM |


    I have been purchasing Life's Abundance for my two Labradoodles and they seem to like it very much indeed.  My husband and I will be moving from PA to AZ next Spring.  I am now apprehensive about moving having learned of Valley Fever.  I am scared to death that my poor girls will succumb to the disease.  Have you heard anything on a possible vaccine for this disease.  If you can give me any information, please do.  I am a very good pet owner and take very good care of my dogs.  I would hate to see anything happen to them. Please advise.

    Gerri Wetherhold

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