Do Pets Have Psychic Abilities?

Do Pets Have Psychic Abilities?

Dr Jane Bicks
Have you ever wondered whether or not your companion animal has psychic abilities? While some might scoff at the idea, many are convinced that this is certainly the case.

Over the years, I’ve heard so many stories of animals exhibiting behaviors that seem as though they might fall within this realm of experience. For example, did you know that during the massive tsunami in December of 2004, scores of elephants in Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Thailand moved to higher ground before the destructive waves struck land? There were even reports of buffalo grazing by the beach in Thailand who lifted their heads in unison, stared out to sea and then stampeded up into the hills. Most, if not all of the villagers who followed the lead of these animals were saved. How did these elephants and buffalos know what was coming? Did they pick up on slight tremors that seismologists themselves were not able to detect? If so, why was it only the animals in low-lying coastal areas who exhibited strange behavior and not the rest of the animals in Southeast Asia?

There are many other documented incidences of animals sensing earthquakes all over the world. No one really knows how they sense an earthquake, although theories abound, from sensing vibrations, noticing changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field or smelling released subterranean gases. Some of these theories could also explain why dogs ‘freak out’ before avalanches, but what about human-made catastrophes? During World War II, families in Britain and Germany relied on their pets’ behavior to warn them of impending air raids while the enemy planes were still hundreds of miles away! Just how did these pets know what was looming in their immediate futures?

dog looking out of window

We’ve all heard stories of lost dogs and cats who’ve travelled hundreds of miles to return home. Even more common are accounts of pets who seem to know when their people are coming home. Pet parents have told me that they just have to ‘think’ about their sleeping dog or cat and their companion animal will immediately awake and stare as if to ask, “Did you want something?” What can possibly explain such occurrences? Do our pets and other animals have abilities that allow them to tune into our own brainwaves or even see into the future; i.e., are they‘psychic’? Or, are they just more sensitive than humans to factors and changes (visual, magnetic, aural, etc.) too subtle for humans to detect?

The fact is, there’s no clear answer … it’s definitely an ongoing debate, usually with devoted pet parents and ‘psychically gifted’ on one side, and skeptics and most scientists on the other. In the past, scientists have not provided satisfactory answers about what non-human animals know, much less how they manage ‘miraculous’ behaviors (e.g., how every bird in a flock is able to turn on a dime simultaneously and change course in unison). With actions so incredible they are impossible (and unproductive) to ignore, even by-the-book scientists have begun to examine new perspectives in animal kingdom consciousness.

Veterinarian Allan Schoen, DVM, wrote in Kindred Spirits that humans and other animals share an intimate connection. Schoen thinks that pets can read our moods, understand our needs, and can even communicate with us on a level that transcends body language. ESP researcher Dr. J.B. Rhine thoroughly documented the travels of a cat named Sugar, who was left behind in California when his family moved away to Oklahoma. Fourteen months later, Sugar showed up at his family’s home in Oklahoma, having undertaken an extraordinary 1,500 mile trip to a place he had never been before. And biologist Rupert Sheldrake, author of Dogs That Know When Their Owner is Coming Home, has published many papers concerning the perceptive abilities of telepathy and premonition in non-human animals.

In fact, several researchers believe there is a conscious connection between humans and their companion animals, referred to as ‘non-local mind’, which is not limited by locality, making it possible for humans and animals to affect each other even when miles apart. This is certainly true about the emotional bond between ourselves and our four-footers, so perhaps it is not so ‘far out’ to think they enjoy a mental connection that seems to defy explanation. Personally, I think it is possible that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of the incredible conscious abilities of animals.

What about you? Where do you fall in this debate? Have you ever experienced a psychic connection with your companion animal?

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  • wayne roberts

    6/27/2011 5:59:22 PM |

    I believe animals have a sixth sense and are more sensitive to our feelings than we give them credit for.  They love us unconditionally and do their best to protect us. They wait patiently for us when we leave home and try to please us when we are home. When the time comes for them to leave us they are also accepting of their fate. And sometimes the love and communication from them continues from the other side.

  • Payeyo Garcia

    6/28/2011 7:36:38 AM |

    There's definitely something there. Whenever I come home after work, my dog Mia always receives me with a toy in her mouth for us to play fetch with. The other day, as I was getting home, I experienced a very intense abdominal pain. As I opened the front door, Mia received me as always toy in mouth. But, I basically ignored her as I made my way onto bed. She jumped on, and I grabbed the ball out of her mouth and threw it. Remarkably, she didn't go after it, but got on top of me and started licking my face. After a while, as my pain faded, she just stay in bed with me until my wife got home.

    How did she know something was amiss? Don't think she understood me when I told her: "not now sweetie, daddy doesn't feel well" Nor, I would chuck it up to experience, since something like that had never happened to me before. Maybe my body sent out some sort of distress signal (probably a smell) that as our language ability evolved, we didn't need to be able to detect anymore. Whatever it is, they are definitely much more than most people give them credit for.

  • Nancy

    6/28/2011 7:46:52 AM |

    I have had numerous experiences where my cat and I have seemed to communicate with our minds. One cat, Mitts, was lost and it was as if I could see what she was seeing and knew where to look for her. The same thing happened when a friends dog was missing and I kept seeing her on railroad tracks even though there were no tracks near her home. Eventually the dog was found, 40 miles away walking along the railroad tracks! My cat Squeaky had gotten tangled in a plastic shopping bag handle and even though she was at the other end of the house and I was sound asleep, I woke up with a panicked feeling that something was wrong and got to her just in time! I'm a believer!

  • Diane Ives

    6/28/2011 7:56:05 AM |

    There was a recent story in Guideposts magazine about a dog who knew her parent was having a stroke. I couldn't find link for that one but here's one from PBS, episode, "Dogs that changed the world" Story about medical dogs - sniff out cancer, sense when parents having stroke, heart attack, seizure, low blood suger, dangerous mood swings:

  • Hsueh Mark

    6/28/2011 12:07:34 PM |

    As per wayne roberts' comment, I do agree with him.  It is not unusual for pets to recognize our footsteps, but I had a cat who recognize the sound of my car when I would park in the back.  He would run to the window and Meow!  I lost my cat of 11 years to a heart problem in Nov 2010.  She was allergic to everything and I never stop trying to find solutions to keep her healthy including your food/vitamins.  But when her heart muscle became flaccid, there wasn't much else I could do, but make her comfortable and treasure what time I had left.

  • Judy D.

    6/28/2011 12:47:01 PM |

    I too believe that humans and animals have an extremely close relationship. I've enjoyed pets my entire life and have felt this psychic bond many times.

    We can learn so much about loyalty, faithfulness, honor and bravery from the animals and I also believe we need to show the animal kingdom more respect than some humans tend to exhibit. Observe & learn...

  • Freda

    7/2/2011 4:47:15 AM |

    I have had many experiences through the years with my furry children, but nothing beats this one.  I had a dog (Rottweiler, 9) who was healthy.  I was extrememly close to this one (my husband had been sick for a long time, and almost died; and my daughter was going through terrible teenage yrs).  This dog was always by my side.  One night I had a terrible dream he was lying dead next to me in bed.  It woke me, and I called him (he always slept in the bed).  He didn't move.  I touched him, and he didn't move.  I jumped out of bed and turned the light on.  He looked up at me, and I hugged him crying telling him, please don't leave me.  Two days later he got sick, and was diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia.  We tried to treat him, but he died.  I definately feel he was telling me he was going.

  • Tisha

    8/21/2011 4:03:43 AM |

    I agree that animals have this capability. As a pet owner for many years of both cats and dogs. One thing that sticks out for me is how whenever you are upset or depressed without outside signs like crying they will immediately calm down even the more hyper ones and look up at you with eyes to say I would take all your pain from you if I could and then bury their head in your chest or lap and give soft kisses. Another time my cat got out of my daughters window and it had been over 8 hours. I had a feeling out of the blue that she was gone and knew she was out and knew just where to find her. I also go outside a lot and no matter the door I go out she is always at the correct door when I come back in.

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