Foundation Delivers Aid to Retired Racing Greyhounds

Foundation Delivers Aid to Retired Racing Greyhounds

Thanks to The Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation, four “retired” Greyhounds have crossed the finish line to guaranteed shelter and care, until they can be adopted into loving, forever families.

Our charitable non-profit’s latest financial award was bestowed upon the Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati, which is dedicated to saving the lives of retired racing Greyhounds.

Greyhound racing takes place in 46 tracks in 15 states in America, much to the dismay of many people who find the practice unacceptable. Unfortunately, the life of a racing dog is often a hard one during their years on the track. And the dogs who experience injury on the track, or are not fast enough to consistently place well in races, quickly lose status as prized assets and become liabilities that must be eliminated.

Fortunately, not everyone feels that Greyhounds should be treated this way.

These exquisite creatures are known for grace, agility, speed and an enormous capacity for caring, making them wonderful companions. Generally, these sleek and muscular canines are great with kids, and rescued Greyhounds are known to bond very quickly with their adoptive families.

The Foundation’s award covered all expenses for four rescued Greyhounds to have veterinarian examinations and treatments, including: spaying or neutering, all vaccinations, heartworm testing, teeth cleaning, necessary worming and grooming. The four Greyhounds helped by our grant are Ripley, Gus, Amy and Foxy Lady, who we’d like to introduce to you now …


Currently fostered in a home in Cincinnati, gorgeous Gus sports a brindle coat and weighs in at 70 pounds. This five-year-old is friendly toward cats, very laid back and loves being petted. Tall, tan and handsome, he’s certain to be a wonderful first greyhound or a great addition to a Greyhound family. Everyone who meets him agrees that he’s an exceptionally sweet fella.



There’s nothing terrible about this two-year-old! Amy is utterly adorable, totally calm and keen for attention. She’ll be a great companion for anyone who enjoys exercise, and she’s completely fine around cats. Right now, Amy’s living in a foster home in Dayton, but she’s more than ready to find a family looking for a forever four-legged friend.


Foxy Lady

Well-tempered and obedient, Foxy Lady is a very sweet, three-year-old Greyhound. She gets gold stars for playing well with others, including children, cats and small dogs. Slender and sparky, Foxy Lady loves long walks and weighs in at only 58 pounds. The agency is actively searching for a family willing to open their hearts to this courageous, happy canine.



An enthusiastic eight-year-old, Ripley easily befriends everyone he meets. He enjoys learning new skills, and is a true “attention hound”. Ripley had been placed in a foster home in West Chester, after his first adoptive family had to give him up. But today, we’re extremely pleased to report, as of just a few days ago, Ripley has been placed in his forever home with a new family. Congratulations, Ripley!

And these are just four of the lovely dogs who have benefitted from or are currently enjoying the quality care offered by the Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati.

If you are interested in supporting the GAGC or if you live in the Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio tri-state area and wish to learn more about adopting one of these beautiful spirits, you can contact them at 513-624-7040.

Because a portion of every dollar spent on Life's Abundance products funds the good work of our foundation, tens of thousands of dollars have already been contributed to dozens of animal rescues. In fact, so far this year, The Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation has already awarded funds to thirteen small rescues.

For all of you who have purchased Life's Abundance products or made contributions directly to The Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation, you’ve aided our efforts to improve the lives of these Greyhounds, and many companion animals cared for by other agencies.

If you wish to support other worthwhile rescues, many of which operate on shoestring budgets, by contributing to our foundation, you may do so online when checking out or you may send a check payable to the Dr. Jane’s HealthyPetNet Foundation, Inc. at P.O. Box 1425, Palm City, Florida 34991.

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  • Lisa

    11/20/2009 3:13:43 AM |

    It's such a sad story, but recently a greyhound track in Kenosha, WI is shutting down on Dec 31, where 500 dogs will be put down if they can't find a home.  Frown

    Thank you for doing what you can to help out these lovely animals.

  • Guadalupe

    11/20/2009 3:21:21 AM |

    I am grateful to any one who cares to save the greyhounds from racing and helps find them a good home.  I worked at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. This hospital kept about 24 greyhounds as blood donors.  It was insane because the dogs lived in a cage. I felt so bad everyday I went to work.  I volunteered to walk a dog during my lunch hour.  unfortunately i could only walk one or two dogs.  I know first hand these dogs are the nicest, well behaved, loving dogs.  I will send a donation to Dr. Jane's Foundation whenever i am able.  Thank you for all the good and compassionate work.  Sincerely. G.Grimaldi

  • Desiree

    11/20/2009 9:45:32 AM |

    I would love to adopt a greyhound.  Where can I get more info on these dogs in WI?

  • JT

    11/22/2009 4:01:11 PM |

    Go to for more info on the Wisconsin greys and all the other greys in need of homes.  There's also a track closing in Phoenix, which will be the priority for west coast adoption groups.  As the racing industry dies, this will happen more and more.  We have two senior greys-no better dog on earth.
    In California, go to

  • Susan Potts

    11/28/2009 5:57:22 AM |

    These dogs are so loving, a friend rescued two of these several years ago.  They are now gone, but the joy of owning them still remains in his heart.

  • Amelia

    11/30/2009 11:00:23 AM |

    We have very active Greyhound Rescue organizations in our area. There are so many Greyhounds to be adopted now that the owner requirements are not as stringent when it comes to having a fenced yard.  

    Living in the moment,

    Amelia Johnson

  • kevin lane

    12/5/2009 8:40:23 PM |

    @ Lisa:

    tnt pet news Kent Ramadan November 28 at 9:57am
    Our group has talked to the race track to take some dogs but since we are in a state that has active tracks they are going to try and work with states that are track free. @n any case how it works is that the track will adopt out what they can and then the rest of the dogs will go back to there owners or be sent... See More to other track to race. There will not be any dogs put down due to the lack of adoption, the rest will go to groups like ours around the country. Just wanted to give you a heads up on how this works.Thanks Kent

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