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5 Tips When Bringing Your Pet To Events

three dogs meeting up with each other at the park

Tip: It's important to have basic commands taught to avoid unwanted jumping.

As pet parents, we wish we could bring our furry friends with us everywhere we go. Luckily, pet-friendly events exist where our dogs can gather with others and socialize, as we chat and eat or listen to music with like-minded people. Whether it’s at a festival, restaurant, or other public event, these 5 tips will help to keep your pet safe and happy.

Think About Your Pup

You know your pet best, so you’ll know if they’re comfortable being out in public places or not. If they get anxious easily or nervous by loud sounds or crowds, it might be best to keep your pup at home. But if they seem relaxed when around other people and especially other pets, then feel free to leash them up and take them along.

Check For Their Tags

Before leaving for an event, make sure they have a well-fitted collar with updated tags. Unexpected loud sounds could cause your pup to run off, so it’s important to check that their tags are up to date with your correct phone number in case they get lost. And if they have a chip, then double check that information is current as well.

Pack a Bag

While you’re getting them ready to go, pack a bag with all of their essentials. You’ll want to bring healthy, delicious treats for them to snack on, especially if you’re enjoying food at the event on your own - and don’t forget water as well! Dogs, especially those with a lot of fur, can get heat exhaustion at outdoor events, so make sure they have access to clean water at all times to keep them hydrated. While you’re enjoying the event, you want your furry friend to be entertained as well, so pack their favorite squeaky toy for them to play with.

two dogs meeting each other

Tip: Make sure your dog is comfortable around other people and pets prior to taking them out and about.

Have The Basics Down

Not only is this a safety tip, but it’s also an etiquette tip. You might have a dog that loves to jump and play rough, but some pet parents might not be too fond of that. This is where it’s important to have the basic commands down, such as “sit” and “stay.” If a person, or their dog, approaches and your dog is getting too excited, tell them to “sit” to avoid any unwanted jumping on others. Be sure to reward them with yummy treats for their good behavior!

Be On The Lookout

You never know what could be a potential danger to your pup at events. This could be anything on the ground or within reach including broken glass bottles or foods they shouldn’t eat. Always keep an eye on your dog and keep their leash on in case there’s anything around that could endanger them or make them sick.

When taking your dog to an event, you’ll likely have to focus more on them than the event itself in order to keep them safe and happy. However, as loving pet parents, this is a small price to pay for having our loyal companions by our sides.

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